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HTML Guard 3.3.1 HTML Guard 3.3.1
Andreas Wulf Software

HTML Guard allows you to prevent people from copying your source code.

HTMLZip 1.6.1 HTMLZip 1.6.1

HTMLZip is a real html packer.

Encrypt HTML source 2.05 Encrypt HTML source 2.05
Code Protection Technologies

Encrypt HTML source is a program created for full web site protection.

Webpage Guard 2.36 Webpage Guard 2.36
AezSoft, Inc

Webpage Guard is a software to protect your web pages and prevent others from viewing and reusing your web page source code, including HTML source code, JavaScript, VBScript, text, links and graphics, thus protect your hard work and unique design on the web.

Scripts Encryptor (ScrEnc) Scripts Encryptor (ScrEnc)

Scripts Encryptor is a handy utility to scramble (obfuscate) HTML, JavaScript/JScript, C/C++/MFC code.

AtomPark HTML Password Protector 1.32 AtomPark HTML Password Protector 1.32
AtomPark Software

As we move into Information Age, each of us becomes a part of this new Hi-Tec world.

CoffeeCup Password Wizard 6.0 CoffeeCup Password Wizard 6.0
CoffeeCup Software, Inc.

CoffeeCup Password Wizard allows you to create usernames and passwords to protect your Web pages.

Javascript Obfuscator 4.3 Javascript Obfuscator 4.3

Stop theft of your JavaScript sources! Javascript Obfuscator converts the JavaScript source code into scrambled and completely unreadable form, preventing the analysing and theft.

HTML LZW Pro 2.5.0415 HTML LZW Pro 2.5.0415

Do you want to reduce the size of your HTML files? A small size Html file will save your web storage space and increase the network throughput.

HTMLPower 4.0 HTMLPower 4.0

HTMLPower is an utility to protect the content of your web page and prevent others from viewing or using your source code.

HTML-Protector 1.0 HTML-Protector 1.0

Protect your site from thiefs! Hide your PayPal links! Encrypt e-mail links and stop spam! Lock pages in your site! Automatically break your pages out of frames! Password protect any page! And more! The brand new HTML-Protector 2004 software will completely secure any Web site, no matter what sort of host you're using.

En-De-Code.exe 1.0 En-De-Code.exe 1.0


Codelock 2.0 Codelock 2.0
Website Creations Ltd

Codelock is a PHP and HTML code Encryptor for protecting your source code from thieves.

A1 Website Analyzer 10.1.4 A1 Website Analyzer 10.1.4

A1 Website Analyzer is a useful program that lets you to extract structure data from websites into XML, CSV etc.

Absolute HTML Optimizer 1.5 Absolute HTML Optimizer 1.5

Whether you are amateur or professional, Absolute HTML Optimizer is the best tool for you: • You are a Webmaster or a Web designer and you know how much it is difficult and expensive (in time, in money etc.

HTML Password Encryption 4.20.02 HTML Password Encryption 4.20.02
Source Code Protection Ltd.

HTML Password Encryption is a software utility that will allow you to password protect the html files in an extremely secure way.

Text Guard 1.1.3417 Text Guard 1.1.3417

Text Guard is handy utility for information protecting.

Pretty Password 1.0 Pretty Password 1.0
Windward Software Development

Pretty Password is for the web designer that wants to add security, the ability to charge for website entry, monitor who and when the users are visiting, and/or control which web pages each user is directed to.

Spam Protector 1.0 Spam Protector 1.0
Benutec Software, Inc.

If you are a Web-Developer and you want to decrease SPAM in your mailbox, this program for you! Spam Protector will protect your HTML page from robots that collect EMAIL addresses from web sites.

SiteSentry 2000 V1.0.0.1c SiteSentry 2000 V1.0.0.1c
Moonlight Software

Password Protect your Web site with this amazingly easy to use Java Applet.

AeroTags HTML Password Protector 1.22 AeroTags HTML Password Protector 1.22
AeroTags Software

HTML Password Protector will let you create documents even you know nothing about the HTML language.

CubeSecurity 2.2 CubeSecurity 2.2

CubeSecurity is a complex solution that is designed to prevent an unauthorized using of text and graphical elements (in other words "grabbing") from your web-pages (hyper-text pages).

Splat HTML Encrypter 1 Splat HTML Encrypter 1

Splat HTML Encrypter is a HTML decrypter/encrypter.

w3compiler 1.1.2 w3compiler 1.1.2
Port80 Software, Inc.

Develop leaner, more secure code for faster, safer sites! Leading sites like Google and Yahoo! hand optimize their mark-up and JavaScript files before upload, saving up to 70%! Until now, this best practice has been too time-consuming and expensive for most developers.

Script Master Compressor/Protector 1.8 Script Master Compressor/Protector 1.8
Hanspeter Imp

Compress or protect your html files.