Text Guard 1.1.3417

Text Guard 1.1.3417 Screenshot Text Guard is handy utility for information protecting.

Developer:   SoftCab
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License:   Shareware
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Text Guard is handy utility for information protecting.

1) Encodes HTML pages
2) Protects information from beeing stolen
3) Password protect HTML pages
4) Can protect whole page and any part on the page, as well
5) Protects website from offline browsers
6) Protects emails from spamming software.

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Text Guard 1.1.3417 screenshot

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Text Guard 1.1.3417 Text Guard 1.1.3417

Text Guard is handy utility for information protecting.

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Text Guard 1.1.3417 Text Guard 1.1.3417

Text Guard is handy utility for information protecting.

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