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php form wizard 1.1 php form wizard 1.1

PHP Form Wizard is a powerful tool that creates a PHP script to process any web form, it makes all necessary validation, to check that your visitor had filled all values correctly, it can handle File uploads, send email to form owner with all fields data whenever the form is successfully processed and a personalized confirmation email to your visitor (auto responder) and store form data in a text file or in a Mysql database PHP-Form Wizard is a stand-alone application run on your PC, so there is no script configuration or editing required and you can save your project to work on latter whenever you change something in your web form , No need to enter any settings again (unlike many similar tools).

xIDS Web Log Analyser 1.2 xIDS Web Log Analyser 1.2
ZClix Software

Network Security Administrators will agree that manually scanning web server logs for intrusion attempts is time consuming and not a loved task, not to mention small details that can so easily be missed.

ServiceKeeper 4.15.55 ServiceKeeper 4.15.55
ActivePlus Software

ServiceKeeper is a useful software that keeps your mission critical server applications running at all times.

NETWatch 3.1 NETWatch 3.1
Sharpeware Ltd

NetWatch is a program that keeps IT staff informed about their network infrastructure - wherever they are! Designed for Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, UNIX and a range of Internet services such as web servers, NetWatch 2 monitors them all - logging important data, plotting trends and generating alerts when problems occur.

ProxyInspector for WinGate 2.7i ProxyInspector for WinGate 2.7i

ProxyInspector for WinGate is a useful and cost-effective utility for analysis of your corporate Internet connection usage.

Fast Link Checker 1.5 build 0570 Fast Link Checker 1.5 build 0570

Fast Link Checker is a software that will search sites for broken links.

SpaceGuard SRM 6.0 Build 1113 SpaceGuard SRM 6.0 Build 1113

SpaceGuard SRM is a directory based quota management tool featuring quota enforcement, notification through popup and SMTP/MAPI mail, and Active Directory integration.

Admin Report Kit for Exchange Server (ARKXchange) 4.3 Admin Report Kit for Exchange Server (ARKXchange) 4.3
Vyapin Software Systems Pvt Ltd.,

Admin Report Kit for Exchange Server (ARKXchange) is a powerful Microsoft Exchange Server reporting tool for System Administrators & IT Managers.

Mail Access Monitor for SendMail 3.9c Mail Access Monitor for SendMail 3.9c
Red Line Software

Mail Access Monitor for SendMail - it's hard to imagine a company today where the employees are not enjoying the benefits e-mail communication.

PipeBoost 3.0.306 PipeBoost 3.0.306
BPVN Technologies

PipeBoost is an HTTP compression software that runs on Internet Information Services 4.

EasyServ (Lite) 1.0 EasyServ (Lite) 1.0
Paul Tretter

EasyServ (Lite) allows you to monitor your game servers, ftp servers, remote control software, and more for crashes and hangs.

IIS Tracer 2.7.9 IIS Tracer 2.7.9
PSTRUH Software

IISTracer is a real-time monitoring tool for Microsoft IIS scripts (.

AdminMagic 2.1 AdminMagic 2.1

AdminMagic is a quick and easy remote desktop control utility, featuring virtually real-time screen updating thanks to its new and improved screen engine.

Web Log Storming 3.5 Web Log Storming 3.5
Dataland Software

Dynamic Statistics - Feel the Power! You won't believe how much information you can get from your web logs! Web Log Storming is an interactive, desktop-based Web Log Analyzer for Windows, unlike any other log analyzer.

Web Monitor 1.2 Web Monitor 1.2

Web Monitor is a system for automatically monitoring web pages.

NeoExec for Active Directory 1.1 NeoExec for Active Directory 1.1

NeoExec for Active Directory is an operating system extension for Windows 2000/XP that allows the setting of privileges at the application level rather than at the user level.

Downtime Manager 6.5.1 Downtime Manager 6.5.1

DownTime Manager is a useful utility that keeps track of your equipment downtime.

Absolute Log Analyzer 2.3.95 Absolute Log Analyzer 2.3.95
BitStrike Software

Absolute Log Analyzer is a client-based log processing application designed for web traffic analysis.

WinaXe Windows X Server 7.6 WinaXe Windows X Server 7.6

WinaXe is the pre-eminent X Windows environment that was created for the MS Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2/XP platforms.

Warden 1.44 Warden 1.44
Fresh Software

Warden is a website user-manager and .

Spy-Server 5.4.4 Spy-Server 5.4.4
PHD Computer Consultants Ltd

Spy-Server is a Search engine for web sites that consist of HTML, PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT and TXT files.

Kyb Web Log Analyzer by Keyword 3.1 Kyb Web Log Analyzer by Keyword 3.1
KBM Log Analysis 4 SEO

Web Log Analyzer by Search Term provides stats from a raw log file on users who find your site with a search engine.

Web Log Suite 9.2 Web Log Suite 9.2

Web Log Suite - a GUI/command line web server log analyzer.

1st PHP Traffic Exchange Script 2.00 1st PHP Traffic Exchange Script 2.00
Ventrino Software LLC

A WalkerSoftware Traffic Exchange Script is an advanced web based promotion tool that allows you to create a membership community quickly and easily.

AdSenseLog 4.5.3 Build 8 AdSenseLog 4.5.3 Build 8
Metalgrass software

AdSenseLog - check and analyze your Adsense ads stats.