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Easy-FTP 1.0 Easy-FTP 1.0

With Easy-FTP software you can transfer files between your PC and a FTP server.

PowerFTP 2.31 PowerFTP 2.31

PowerFTP is a powerful FTP client/server application.

Innovative Technology Consulting, LLC

FTP GLIDE is a Full-Featured FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Client Software.


FTPRDP is a terminal ftp application to help send files between terminal client and servers.

Shuttle FTP Suite 3.7 Shuttle FTP Suite 3.7
Xavier Cirac

Are you still using a FTP client?, another program for Ping or Traceroute? another program for TFTP? another for Telnet, Time, Whois, DNS, .

Web Publisher 2.7 Web Publisher 2.7
BRIZ Software

Web Publisher is an automated FTP client that allows you to upload and update your web site easily.

AutoFTP PRO 4.7 AutoFTP PRO 4.7
PrimaSoft PC

AutoFTP PRO is a file transfer client application that allows you to automate your file transfer procedures.

BitKinex FTP Client 3.2.3 BitKinex FTP Client 3.2.3
Barad-Dur LLC

BitKinex is a FTP client that supports multiple transfer protocols.

Max-FTP 5.2 Max-FTP 5.2
NeoText LLC

Max-FTP Client is a File Transfer Protocol program that performs multiple file actions over LAN, FTP, and local drives, in any order.

FTP Commander Deluxe 9.21 FTP Commander Deluxe 9.21
InternetSoft Corporation

FTP Commander Deluxe is a secure FTP client especially created for the most demanding professionals and gives you everything a professional would expect from such a program and more.

MCFTP v1.04 MCFTP v1.04
Myles McLeod LLC

Easy to use file transfer utility that greatly simplifies file managment.

FTPUpdateSearcher FTPUpdateSearcher

Today it's so easy to search the Internet for various information.

WebMaster FTP 1.1 WebMaster FTP 1.1

FTP program designed for webmasters whose sites are on UNIX-like hosts.

AbsoluteFTP 2.2.10 AbsoluteFTP 2.2.10
Van Dyke Technologies

AbsoluteFTP is the easy, powerful way to transfer files using FTP, with a simple Explorer-like interface and advanced features like direct server-to-server transfers.

Terminal Services FTP 3.4.02 Terminal Services FTP 3.4.02
IBEX Software, Inc.

Windows Terminal Services FTP enables you to transfer files between a Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Server and a Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Client.

FTPEditor 4.0.5 FTPEditor 4.0.5

When it comes to remotely editing text files, would you prefer a visual, drag-and-drop interface or a cryptic command line ? If the former sounds more enticing, then take a look at FTPEditor, a program that combines a full-featured FTP client and a multidocument text editor.

Beyond FTP Client 3.0.0 Beyond FTP Client 3.0.0
Automated Programming Technolo

The Beyond FTP Client is easy to install and use, with its state of the art "explorer-like" drag and drop interface, file distributions and collections are only a few mouse clicks away.

Secure FTP 2.5.12 Secure FTP 2.5.12
Glub Tech

Secure FTP is a client application that allows for a 128-bit encrypted secure connection to be made to a server that supports FTP over SSL (or FTPS).

Xftp 1.3 Build 0018 Xftp 1.3 Build 0018
NetSarang Computer

Xftp is a powerful SFTP, FTP file transfer program for MS Windows platforms.

FtpSearcher 2.0 FtpSearcher 2.0
Skyward Software

FtpSearcher is an effective way to search files (e.

PyroBatchFTP 2.16 PyroBatchFTP 2.16
EmTec Innovative Software

PyroBatchFTP was created to help you automatically transfer files between computers using FTP.

IE FTP Enhancer 1.4 IE FTP Enhancer 1.4
Steve Foxover

IE FTP Enhancer adds superior FTP features to Internet Explorer.

BulletProof FTP Pro 1.2 BulletProof FTP Pro 1.2
BulletProof Software

If you are a serious FTP user, such as a professional webdesigner you need an FTP client with power features tailored for you.

CraftFTP 1.1 CraftFTP 1.1
123 FTP Client

Used by millions worldwide, CraftFTP is the one of the best FTP client software to transfer files between your PC and remote computers.

CoffeeCup Direct FTP 6.9.2014 CoffeeCup Direct FTP 6.9.2014
CoffeeCup Software, Inc.

Webmasters love Direct FTP because it is so easy to make quick changes and updates to their Websites.