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Bulk Email mailer 7.352 Bulk Email mailer 7.352

Bulk Email mailer Intended to sending email utilizing mailing lists.

QuickMail 1.0 QuickMail 1.0
Outspring, Inc

QuickMail is a reliable, affordable, easy-to-use, POP3 e-mail client for Windows platforms, including XP.

Starfish Family Mail 1.51 Starfish Family Mail 1.51
Lincoln Beach Software

Starfish Family Mail is a useful Windows email program which allows you to communicate via email with all your friends and family! Parents or teachers can set up friend lists for each person so that you can rest assured that they are only communicating with their friends! Each person logs in as themselves and using passwords they can keep others out.

AMS Enterprise 2.6 AMS Enterprise 2.6
Business Software Products

AMS Enterprise is more than just a mass mailer - it's a powerful utility for targeted e-mail marketing.

PopScan 4.63 PopScan 4.63
Tom Brazier

PopScan is an efficient little shareware app that will check to see whether you have any new mail waiting to be collected from your POP3 mailbox.

EmailWizard 1.1.1 EmailWizard 1.1.1
Web Infomercial Network, LLC

EmailWizard is an email client that support unlimited accounts from YAHOO, GMAIL, POP3, HOTMAIL with a single password.

Office Organizer 5.0 Office Organizer 5.0
TrialBest ltd

Office Organizer is for Internet e-mail, local network (internal network mail, organizer, chat), and for creation and organize of the own client database.

AD MailBox Manager 2.6.1 AD MailBox Manager 2.6.1
Abroad Design

AD MailBox Manager will allow you to browse your mailbox and view subject, sender, receiver, size, and date of incoming messages prior to downloading them from the server.

Tech-Pro POP3 Pal 1.13 Tech-Pro POP3 Pal 1.13
Tech-Pro Limited

POP3 Pal is a useful mail client utility specially made for people on the move.

Codestone Ltd

Our original command line SMTP tool.

MailSweep 3.7 MailSweep 3.7
Crystal Office Systems

MailSweep is an Internet E-mail management tool.

Webmail Retriever for msn 7.3.0 Webmail Retriever for msn 7.3.0

Send and receive mail through any number of msn accounts using a real email program! With Webmail Retriever you can access your msn account using any email program such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, Eudora, or TheBat.

Mail Inspector 4.1 Mail Inspector 4.1

Mail Inspector is a small remote e-mail client.

Vividstation Beta 1.0 Vividstation Beta 1.0
Vividstation, Inc.

VS is a unique product that retrieves emails from multiple email accounts using a simple express set-up.

E-mail Tarantula 1.0 E-mail Tarantula 1.0
EmailSmartz Ltd

E-mail Tarantula is a useful and powerful target email extractor or email address finder.

Email Segway 4.6.26 Email Segway 4.6.26
Ponder Labs

Easy email management.

Buzzo 2.0 Buzzo 2.0
Bizex Software Lab.

Buzzo 2 is an Internet e-mail program.

Automatic @Mail System 3.1 Automatic @Mail System 3.1

Automatic @Mail System (AMS) is a program destined to send and receive E-Mail messages automatically.

KinderMail 1.0.0 KinderMail 1.0.0
Kinder Shield Labs

KinderMail is a POP3 e-mail client designed for children ages 3 to 11.

VisNetic OddPost 2.1.0 VisNetic OddPost 2.1.0

VisNetic Oddpost is web-based email that combines the power and familiarity of a desktop email client-like Outlook or Outlook Express-with the universal accessibility of web-based email.

Pigeon Mail'n'Fax 3.00.535 Pigeon Mail'n'Fax 3.00.535
Samsung Software Center

Pigeon Mail'n'Fax is a multilingual data exchange software that unifies capabilities of advanced fax sending/receiving, Internet mail exchange, scanning, copying, and image editing into a single software package which allows to share scanners and faxes over a network.

MailCOPA 8.01 MailCOPA 8.01
InterVations Inc

MailCOPA - Defining The Future Of E-Mail.

GcMail GcMail
Monika Ruschmeyer

GcMail is a very flexible Mailclient which offers a great variety of configuration options, yet is easy to use.

Softabar Command Line Email Client 3.1.0 Softabar Command Line Email Client 3.1.0

Softabar Command Line Email Client is a program for e-mail automation.

Gemini Mail 2.29m Gemini Mail 2.29m
Intellegit Ltd.

Gemini is an advanced multi-platform, standards compliant, messaging application with strong capabilities used to manage emails from multiple sources.