network tools software

CommTraffic 3.1 CommTraffic 3.1

CommTraffic is a network traffic monitor that processes, collects and displays traffic and network utilization statistics for PC network connections, both LAN and dial-up.

FileSpy for Novell 3.0 FileSpy for Novell 3.0
SkySof Software Inc.

FileSpy allows users connected to a network with Novell Netware to see all the users who are using a specific file.

ENT Server (Desktop Edition) 1.4.21 ENT Server (Desktop Edition) 1.4.21 LLC

ENT Server - take control of the hardware and software on your networks, ensure software license compliance, and provide better support to your end users.

IPD LAN Manager and Tools 3.3 IPD LAN Manager and Tools 3.3
IP Detective

IPD LAN Manager and Tools This program promises to put small/medium businesses on equal footing with larger companies in regards to LAN Management, but at a fraction of the cost.

HTTP Sniffer 1.1 HTTP Sniffer 1.1

HTTP Sniffer is a HTTP protocol packet sniffer, network analyzer and file reassembly software based on Windows platform.

Big:eye 5.0 Big:eye 5.0
CBR Software

CBR big:eye, which is developed for management of IT infrastructure of enterprise and provides management of fault, performance, inventory and configuration is the closest assistant of system administrators through impressive user interface and usability.

IMBoss Google Talk Sniffer Monitor 1.90526 IMBoss Google Talk Sniffer Monitor 1.90526
AjivaSoft Computing Inc

Monitor Google Talk Messenger Conversations on your LAN,query logs,export Html or excel file! IMBoss Google Talk Sniffer Monitor is a program that will allow you to monitor chat conversations.

User Finder 2.2.44 User Finder 2.2.44
Compulsion Software

User Finder scans your network computers to provide details of which user is logged onto which computer throughout your network.

emBoot PXE Server Directory Service 1.0 emBoot PXE Server Directory Service 1.0
emBoot Incorporated

The emBoot PXE Server Directory Service (PXESDS) significantly simplifies the management of PXE clients in networks with multiple PXE servers.

Mail Access Monitor for Merak Mail Server 3.9c Mail Access Monitor for Merak Mail Server 3.9c
Red Line Software

Mail Access Monitor - it is hard to imagine a company today, employees of which would not be enjoying the benefits e-mail communication.

Network Inventory Manager Network Inventory Manager Limited

Network Inventory Manager is a tool that helps network administrators and help desk staff to more easily manage their networks.

NetPeek 4.60 Final NetPeek 4.60 Final
Jim Kulak

Are you a Windows NT Administrator, Unix Administrator, Network Administrator or any/all of these titles working in a heterogenous network? Do you know what devices are on your network? Do you find yourself looking for a way to find out what type of system a host is, or who is logged on to a particular PC, or even trying to match an ethernet address to an IP address? NetPeek is your answer.

DEKSI SmartCheck 2.0 DEKSI SmartCheck 2.0
DEK Software International

DEKSI SmartCheck is a unique software program that is designed to provide detailed and comprehensive information about the hard drives on all your network computers and help prevent hard drive failure and loss of important and valuable data.

NetPack 1.2 NetPack 1.2

With ping utility you can check your connection to any host in an intranet or an internet.

NetSwitcher for Windows 3.3.7 NetSwitcher for Windows 3.3.7
J.W. Hance

NetSwitcher is a great tool for mobile computer users.

Wireless Snif 4.152 Wireless Snif 4.152

Wireless Snif is a useful LAN and WLAN Sniffer.

HttpConnect 1.1 HttpConnect 1.1
YinSite Inc.

HttpConnect is a client/server application that allows you to access network resource across a company firewall.

IP Find 1.0 IP Find 1.0

IP Find was made to help those who do not have or are unable to get a static IP address.

Internet Access Monitor for Proxy+ 3.9c Internet Access Monitor for Proxy+ 3.9c
Red Line Software

Internet Access Monitor is a comprehensive Internet use monitoring and reporting utility for corporate networks.

DameWare Exporter DameWare Exporter
DameWare Development LLC

The DameWare NT Utilities Exporter (DWExporter) is an easy to use tool that leaves no footprint on a remote machine and allows an Administrator to selectively export information from remote Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 machines, including information about Computers, Groups, Disk Drives, Printers, Shares, Services, Members, Software, Users & even information via WMI (Windows Managements Instrumentation) classes.

Performance Monitoring Protocol (PMP) 7.3.1 Performance Monitoring Protocol (PMP) 7.3.1
Eastbow l.a.b.

PMP is a performance monitor application used for remote/multiple Windows servers.

Net-Regulator Personal Net-Regulator Personal
Chromestone Software

Manage the bandwidth usage of each application(upload and download speeds), even a connection seperately or prioritize applications to be able to use your available communication capacity effectively.

Ace Ping 1.2 Ace Ping 1.2

Remote Performance Observer 3.5 Remote Performance Observer 3.5

Remote Performance Observer is a distributed client/server system intended to provide detailed system information on computers in a network.

Network LookOut Administrator Pro 4.7.7 Network LookOut Administrator Pro 4.7.7

The Network LookOut Administrator Professional ais an application that allows you to see live screens of remote computers.