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Web Monitor 1.2 Screenshot Web Monitor is a system for automatically monitoring web pages.

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Web Monitor is a system for automatically monitoring web pages. It allows the user to check for changes on web pages periodically or according to a user defined schedule.

Areas on a web page can be selected for monitoring according to various change criteria. When a change event occurs various notification actions can be enabled. Such actions include playing a sound file, sending an email or SMS message and even running another program.Web Monitor is a software that allows you to monitor webpages.

When changes to a currently monitored web page occur Web Monitor will save the new pages to your computer and highlight the changes between the old and new pages.

It is possible to configure the how much history data is stored. Web Monitor is a simple to use tool and will save you much time that is otherwise needlessly spent navigating to different web sites checking for updates.

Web Monitor features
  • Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Flexible scheduler. Controls the frequency of checks for web page updates.
  • Smart Difference Algorithm specifically designed for WWW.
  • Supports the monitoring of many HTML syntaxes including JavaScript, Multiple Frames, HTML Tables and all List items.
  • Intelligent selector tool allows selecting any region of Web Pages for monitoring.
  • Single click action to monitor your favorite web pages.
  • Powerful HyperDB database for storing unlimited Web page Changes.
  • Embedded History Navigator to browse web page changes.
  • Highlight the web page changes for easily identification.
  • Supports mime based E-mail clients. Useful for sending complete HTML changes to your favorite email client tool.
  • Automatically login detection for password protected sites.
  • Triple-DES to protect your privacy.
  • Trigger other applications when changes are detected.
  • Rule-based Monitor to filter out unimportant changes.
  • Rule-based Monitor to keep the important changes.
  • Notify you by SMS when not at your desk.

  • 29 day trial

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