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Developer:   Tometa Software Inc.
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License:   Shareware
File size:   0K
OS:   Windows Vista (?)
Rating:   0 /5 (0 votes) automatically blocks Internet Explorer popup windows while you surf.

A small, effective, and intelligent anti-popup software product than can kill annoying popup windows without your intervention by using artificial intelligence and intelligent agent technologies.

Users are raving about how this is exactly what a popup blocker should be. is so simple your Grandmother will know how to use it.

The interface is so unique and intuitive you'll wish you had been using it all along.

Here are some key features of "StopPop net":

  • Allow pop up windows only when you want to see them.
  • Unlike other popup blockers only runs when you surf.
  • Let's face it some web sites have valid popups you need to see, allows you to graphically select popups you do want to see from the slide out menu window.
  • Two clicks to use 90% of all features.
  • Have the option to play a non-intrusive sound when a popup is blocked.
  • Set up to always allows pop ups from secure sites.
  • Manage your blocked sites, allowed sites and domains all in a single interface or manually with a click while you surf.

  • 10 Megabytes free disk space
  • 32 Megabytes RAM

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