2.0.7 2.0.7 Screenshot Many products claim to be powerful and easy to use, but TrackSweeper.

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Many products claim to be powerful and easy to use, but is going to give you the best range of features available.

Just a few mouse clicks and your PC will be kept clean of all sensitive data. No matter how good you are on the computer, everything you do can be used against you by the law or someone with a grudge.

Viruses can get the information on your computer and use it as they wish. With these worries disappear. Clear you Internet tracks, sweep away temporary files you may have downloaded, and hide which programs you have recently used. also cleans commonly apps like Windows Media Player and WinZip. Easily remove all traces of your activity on the computer. Cookies, temp files, Internet Explorer history and much more gone with a single click-or automatically. Protect yourself and your family.

You can also configure you own list of folders to clean. Cookies store data that is very sensitive and can be easily used by fraud artists, crackers, and virus writers. safely cleans cookies, temporary internet file cache, IE history, URL AutoComplete list, Recycle Bin, Windows Temp Folder, Recently Run Programs, Recent Opened Documents, Media Player’s Playlist, WinZip recent File List, the Windows Clipboard and more…

Can you honestly say that you really know for sure what may have been accidentally downloaded or purposefully hidden on your PC?

Do your children or their friends use your computers? What have they downloaded and tried to delete?

Did you know for example that every click you make on the Windows Start Menu is logged and stored permanently on a hidden encrypted database within your own computer?

The fact is... your computer is spying on you and is filling up with evidence, only can protect and help you. features
  • Delete Cookies and Temporary Internet Files
  • Clean your Internet History and URL AutoComplete list
  • Remove Temporary files and folders
  • Sweep away rec

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    Many products claim to be powerful and easy to use, but TrackSweeper.

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    Many products claim to be powerful and easy to use, but TrackSweeper.

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