Smart Mail Checker 1.13

Smart Mail Checker 1.13 Screenshot Smart Mail Checker application will notify you about a new incoming important message.

Developer:   Alexander G. Styopkin
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Smart Mail Checker application will notify you about a new incoming important message.

Want to know when you receive an important message without paying your attention to spam? Smart Mail Checker will take this task upon itself. It will check your mailbox and notify you about new important messages.

Before starting to use it, you will specify what mailboxes and at what time interval should be checked. And also specify notification rules.

A rule contains words that can be in the message subject and in the from field and also the path to the WAV sound file.

If the program finds a match with an existing rule among incoming messages, you will hear the sound the path to which is specified in the rule.

  • 14 days trial

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    Smart Mail Checker 1.13 screenshot

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