Advanced Font Viewer 5.15

Advanced Font Viewer 5.15 Screenshot The program's name itself shows what AFV can actually do.

Developer:   Alexander G. Styopkin
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The program's name itself shows what AFV can actually do.

Advanced Font Viewer is a specialized application for fast searching for the best variant of font among the fonts you have.

The easy-to-use interface allows beginners to quickly master the program, while the professionals will definitely enjoy everyday working with it.

As soon as you run Advanced Font Viewer, you will see the text examples for all of the fonts installed on your computer on one list.
You will be able to set necessary style, size and color of the text examples, according to your own scheme. You can also enter your own text to use it as an example.

If you are choosing a font for printed matters, then print out the list and make your choice according to the real conditions of font use.

Those who have huge collections of fonts, and those who wish to accurately compare patterns of several fonts looking almost similar, may create their own Selected Fonts List.

Working with such list will save you necessity to look through the main list, spending too much time for searching, and thus it will allow you to concentrate on your choice.

You will be able to add new fonts to the list, as well as to delete unnecessary fonts. This list can also be printed out.

Users of the program are not limited by the choice only among the already installed fonts. One always can add a new font to his or her collection from any folder of a hard drive or a CD, being able to evaluate font's appearance before adding.

In case you find an ugly font, or a font you use rarely, you can deinstall it right away.

All registered users of Advanced Font Viewer always get the full up-to-date version of the program. This becomes possible because of the free updates policy and distribution of information about the newest versions of AFV.

In case you are an unregistered user or you have an unreliable mailbox, you can subscribe for news posting.

Advanced Font Viewer features
  • Make the best choice of fonts you are looking for. Remembering about gaining time, please take into account that the quality of your work also increases with the use of expressive fonts, which would correspond with your creative idea.
  • Simultaneous browsing of all fonts installed. If you are accustomed to browsing your fonts one at a time, then you will save time with AFV. You will not have to remember how one or another font looks like, they all will be right in front of you.
  • Printing of the fonts samples. You will be able to give your client many versions of font patterns for final approval.
  • If you decide to deinstall many fonts from your computer it is recommended that you print copies of those fonts and keep the examples before the deinstallation.
  • The appearance of a font on the monitor screen differs from one on the paper. The printed examples allow you to make a better choice of the font, which is be used for printed matter.
  • Some users prefer browsing font lists in Internet Explorer. They will still be able to do so, since while printing an HTML document is created, which can be viewed by Internet Explorer.
  • You can print out list of uninstalled fonts.
  • Font installation.A handy and easy way to widen your collection of installed fonts.
  • Font deinstallation. If your collection contains an ugly, rarely used font, or a font with inappropriate design, you can deinstall it by a single click.
  • Character Map. The browsing of all font characters on a full screen is convenient for evaluation of the quality and completeness of a font.
  • If you use image fonts in your work, then being able to view any character on a full screen will certainly be to your liking.
  • Information about the font. Each font, according to its specification, may contain useful additional information. This will allow you to find out who the author of the font i

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    The program's name itself shows what AFV can actually do.

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