DC++ MP3 Finder 1.2

DC++ MP3 Finder 1.2 Screenshot DC++ MP3 Finder is a FREE software based on the original DC++ open source application.

Developer:   DCPlus MP3 Finder LLC
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DC++ MP3 Finder is a FREE software based on the original DC++ open source application. It uses a very popular in Peer-to-Peer networks Direct Connect protocol that allows users to quickly search and share files over the internet.

DC++ MP3 Finder comes with improved user interface and optimized search functionality that will make your MP3 search much more efficient. DC++ MP3 Finder is designed to bring the best file sharing experience to its users.

Here are some key features of "DC MP3 Finder":

  • Has a very simple intuitive graphical user interface and very easy to use
  • Search for alternative download locations, that will dramatically increase your download speed
  • Performs automated integrity checking using SFV files to verify on-the-fly CRC-32 values for a downloaded file and compare it against the SFV file
  • Automatic resuming of broken and interrupted downloads
  • Handles automated connections and simultaneous connections with many hubs
  • Removes automatically duplicated shared files
  • Has Search Flood detection facility, so if many searches will come over the short period of time an alert will be generated
  • Has built-in chat system, so you can freely talk to other online DC++ users
  • Multilingual support is available and fully configurable via XML files

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    DC++ MP3 Finder 1.2 screenshot

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     Download DC++ MP3 Finder 1.2

    Authors software

    DC++ MP3 Finder 1.2 DC++ MP3 Finder 1.2
    DCPlus MP3 Finder LLC

    DC++ MP3 Finder is a FREE software based on the original DC++ open source application.

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    DC++ MP3 Finder is a FREE software based on the original DC++ open source application.

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