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DbTools 1.07 Screenshot DbTools comes with tools for scanning and manipulating data in relational databases (programs DbLoader, DbExport, DbView, Console).

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DbTools comes with tools for scanning and manipulating data in relational databases (programs DbLoader, DbExport, DbView, Console). As for database connections, DbTools software use ODBC. This way have a fundamental advantage - the independence from a database engine.

You can (for example) export data from MS Access database by using the DbExport program and then import this data into database Oracle by using the DbLoader program. DbTools software is helpful for any data migrations between different databases. If you use CREATE scripts for building your databases, the program DbLoader and it's console version Console are able to make database files from scripts quickly.

Program DbLoader.
This program is useful for importing data from SQL scripts to databases. If you have SQL script (the text file with SQL commands) for certain databases (for example MS Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle, ...), the program DbLoader is able to connect to these databases and execute SQL commands. The program DbLoader supports transactional executing using rollback and commit commands - also for databases, which doesn't support transactional executing under normal conditions (for example MS Access). We are able to use all SQL commands, which are supporting to a relevant database platform. You can use INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, ALTER TABLE commands... . It is necessary in working with the DbLoader program to have knowledge of the SQL language (for certain database platform).

Program DbExport.
This program is useful for exporting data from database to the text file (SQL script). You can connect to a database, where the data is in database tables, and make SQL script from the DbExport program. If this script is ran (by the DbLoader program), data can be imported to other databases. The program DbExport makes two kinds of scripts - CREATE scripts and INSERT scripts. CREATE scripts contain CREATE TABLE commands. If these commands are run (on other databases), empty database tables will be created. These empty database tables can be filled with data from the INSERT script. The INSERT script is a succession of INSERT commands. You can also change formating of new SQL scripts - adjust the date format, location of commit commands, type of database variables, etc... in the DbExport program.

Program DbView.
This program is useful for looking through databases. It can show what tables are in a database. For the chosen table, we display it's indexes and fields. You can look through contents of database table too. All information in DbView program screens are read only.

Program Console.
This is the console version of the DbLoader program. This program can be run from the command line in the MS-DOS window. All controls of this program are accessible through a so-called master script. This master script governs connections to databases, the executing of SQL scripts, and database disconnecting. GUI from the DbLoader program is more user-friendly then the console solution from the program Console, but in the Console program, we provide the option of automating all actions.

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