WinBiff 4.5

WinBiff 4.5 Screenshot Supports POP3 (APOP optional) and IMAP4.

Developer:   Stecksoft
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License:   Shareware
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Supports POP3 (APOP optional) and IMAP4. Shows mail headers. The WAVBase plays sounds based on sender or subject. Filter spam using regular expressions.


  • Filters to ignore or delete spam, using regular expressions and character sets
  • Automatic dialup and hangup of a network connection
  • Scrollable list of email headers, showing attachments
  • Option to disregard already-read mail
  • Stay on top option
  • Visual indication of polling
  • Decoding of MIME headers for the display of accented characters
  • Mail reader can be automatically launched on new mail or by clicking on WinBiff
  • WAVBase plays distinct sounds based on the sender or subject of messages, using regular expression matching
  • Optional repeating alarm
  • Customizable colors
  • Uses NetWare bindery for easy Pegasus installation (Windows 9x only)
  • Can run multiple instances to monitor different mailboxes

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    WinBiff 4.5 WinBiff 4.5

    Supports POP3 (APOP optional) and IMAP4.

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    WinBiff 4.5 WinBiff 4.5

    Supports POP3 (APOP optional) and IMAP4.

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