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Surf it Easy Screenshot Surf it Easy lets you go wherever you want to go and leaves no trace behind.

Developer:   CoSoSys SRL
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Surf it Easy lets you go wherever you want to go and leaves no trace behind. All the data related to Internet browsing (Cookies, Cache, History) is stored on the Flash Drive/MP3 Player and can be deleted afterwards.

Surf it Easy it allows you to transfer all your personal data to the USB drive.

Surf it Easy enables you to carry all internet relevant data with you on your USB Drive in an easy way. Internet Favorites can be synchronized and all the your browsing history is only stored on your USB Drive and not on the PC you are using. Surf it Easy also helps you to delete already existing temporary internet history on your PC.

Surf it Easy features
  • Favorites synchronization (Internet Explorer & Firefox)
  • Carry all your links and access them from any computer
  • No Trace Browsing with Internet Explorer & Firefox
  • No need to let everyone know where you have been on the Internet
  • USB Drive Lost & Found
  • Write your contact details so the finder can return your lost Flash Drive
  • USB Drive information
  • All that you might want to know about your Flash Drive/MP3 Player
  • Multilingual interface
  • Get Surf it Easy in 7 different languages

  • 30 days

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    Authors software

    Surf it Easy Surf it Easy
    CoSoSys SRL

    Surf it Easy lets you go wherever you want to go and leaves no trace behind.

    Carry it Easy Carry it Easy
    CoSoSys SRL

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    Surf it Easy lets you go wherever you want to go and leaves no trace behind.

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