SpyCatcher 3.5

SpyCatcher 3.5 Screenshot SpyCatcher is an advanced anti-spyware tool.

Developer:   Tenebril Inc.
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SpyCatcher is an advanced anti-spyware tool.

SpyCatcher's comprehensive database detects tens of thousands of spyware, adware, trojans and worms, from the most common to the most obscure, and SpyCatcher updates itself automatically to provide immediate protection from the latest danger.

SpyCatcher is the only anti-spyware product with a Reinstall Shield that defends against advanced, aggressive spyware programs which silently reinstall after deletion.

SpyCatcher's Protector watches your computer for running spyware and alerts you immediately when new spyware is installed, and you can run full sweeps automatically using the built-in Scheduler.

SpyCatcher’s extensive online encyclopedia lets you read about the threat a program represents, ways you may have contracted it and statistics on how many other users have encountered it.

SpyCatcher’s Detective feature lets you see all the hidden programs on your computer and easily remove any you don't want. SpyCatcher even disguises disabled adware as "active" to trick some ad-dependent software into running though its threat has been eliminated.

SpyCatcher is an easy and powerful way to protect yourself from the many malicious programs that bypass anti-virus software and firewalls - don't go online without it!

SpyCatcher features
  • The Best Defense Against Spyware — Protects against spyware, adware and other potentially unwanted programs. SpyCatcher is the only antispyware product to block threats associated with next-generation, mutating spyware.

  • Ease of Use, Control and Performance — Enables novice PC users to disable even the most aggressive spyware automatically. DeepDefense™ ensures comprehensive protection by detecting and stopping spyware before it can install, providing proactive, immediate protection and reducing the need for spyware scans.

  • The Industry's Fastest, Most Powerful and Comprehensive Spyware Detection — Ensures cutting-edge protection through the patent-pending Spyware Profiling Engine™, a three-pronged method for spyware detection (profiles, behavioral analysis and contextual intelligence). Competitors typically use one detection model, preventing them from blocking mutations and the latest threats.

  • The Safest and Most Efficient Spyware Removal — Disables even the most aggressive spyware without requiring technical prowess from the user. SpyCatcher automates the removal process and helps you distinguish between good and bad programs, enabling you to remove programs with confidence.

  • A Leader in Antispyware Research — Receives spyware submissions and adds them to an extensive database of malicious files that are gathered from 3 sources: automated research, voluntary submissions from users, and research from dedicated analysts at Tenebril's Spyware Research Center.

  • An Innovator in Antispyware Technology

  • DeepDefense™ removes aggressive spyware without damaging the machine, prevents the installation of rootkits, intercepts all API calls and blocks reinstallation of aggressive spyware. DeepDefense is embedded in the operating system and delivers the best protection from sophisticated new threats.

  • Goes beyond competitive antispyware products by using patent-pending technology to protect users from phishing scams and identity theft. This technology uses advanced algorithms to prevent false positives.

  • Uses profiles that are smaller, faster and more informative than signatures. SpyCatcher aggregates information about related variants or traces into one condensed profile, setting the bar for detection accuracy, efficacy and rapidity.

  • Pentium 350MHz or better
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 16 MB hard disk space

  • 30 days trial

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