Rascal 2.4

Rascal 2.4 Screenshot Rascal is a powerful dial-up session manager for users who need a single reliable solution for keeping their connection alive.

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Rascal is a powerful dial-up session manager for users who need a single reliable solution for keeping their connection alive.

Rascal monitors your dial-up sessions to make sure that you stay connected. It does this by simulating network activity to fool idling detectors and by restoring the connection if it is lost.

When a connection is made or lost, Rascal can notify you of it with an audio alert.

Rascal also gives you information about your dial-up session, including the name of the dial-up server, the IP address of the current connection, a calculation of your monthly connection costs so far, and a time log of how long you've been online for the current session, day, week, month, and year.

If you are a more demanding user, RascalPro is made for you. In addition to the features of Rascal, the professional version adds the ability to schedule when you want RascalPro to start monitoring, stop monitoring, or release your connection.

You can also define batch processes that should start when a connection is made or lost, and you have the ability to log these events and more to a file for later reference.

Rascal features
  • Redial attempts and frequency control.
  • Activity simulation frequency control.
  • Connection time and fees tracking.
  • Practical connection notification.
  • Remote control using command line access.
  • Event viewer.
  • Lives in the taskbar status area.
  • Asynchronous operations.
  • Designed for Microsoft's WinSock.
  • For Windows 95, 98, Me, NT v4.0, 2000, XP, or later.

  • Limited to 30 days.

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    Rascal 2.4 screenshot

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