Pic Dropper 1.0

Pic Dropper 1.0 Screenshot Pic Dropper is the absolute easiest and fastest way to download pictures and images to your computer.

Developer:   Digital Dawn Software
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Pic Dropper is the absolute easiest and fastest way to download pictures and images to your computer. This program is basicly a small window that can sit anywhere on your screen. Downloading images will now be as simple as Drag-N-Drop.

Pic Dropper features
  • Categorize Automatically -- When you Drag-N-Drop an image onto a 'Drop Spot', it is automatically downloaded, grouped, named, and indexed.
  • Perfect For Slideshows -- Since the images are automatically grouped and indexed, they are all ready in order for your image viewer's Slideshow function.
  • Download Images 5 Times Faster -- Avoid the hassle of having to Right-Click a picture, browse for a folder, and name the file. With Pic Dropper, it's Drag, Drop, and you're done!
  • Fully Customizable -- You decide how many 'Drop Spots' to have, and which folders they will download to.

  • 3 days

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    Pic Dropper 1.0 screenshot

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