MiaRec 2.6.250

MiaRec 2.6.250 Screenshot MiaRec is a software for recording your conversations in any of Voip protocols (H.

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MiaRec is a software for recording your conversations in any of Voip protocols (H.323, SIP, MGCP, Cisco SCCP).

MiaRec can be used for recording of calls made:

  • with any software Voip phone
  • with hardware Voip phone
  • with Vonage box
  • inside enterprise (office calls)
  • inside Call-Center environment

    MiaRec can be used efficiently for recording many simultaneous calls as well as only one call at the time.

    Every recorded conversation is saved into WAV or MP3 file. You can listen the recordings inside the application or with any available media player program.

    In a VoIP environment, voice traffic travels across the corporate data network, not over traditional wiring. MiaRec monitors the corporate data network looking for voice packets traveling to and from the IP PBX.

    This packet sniffing technology allows the MiaRec to identify and extract only the voice packets for recording. Duxoft call recording solutions are completely unobtrusive. Sniffing packets on the corporate data network does not interfere with an IP PBX or any other network attached applications.

    There are two types of calls which can be recorded by MiaRec:
  • Local calls
  • Remote calls

    "Local calls" means the calls made from the same computer where MiaRec is running. The call from soft-phone is a local call. In order to record such calls, you need to install MiaRec and configure it properly. Read following ducument for additional information about features and configuration of MiaRec:

    "Remote calls" means the calls, when neither calling nor called party are located on the PC with MiaRec running. As an example of such calls can be a call between two hardware ip-phones, or a call between other neighbour computers. By default, remote network traffic is not visible to the PC, which such traffic isn't destined for.

    MiaRec features
  • Compatible with Windows NT/2/XP/2003

  • G.723.1, G.729, G.711, GSM codecs support

  • Automatically recognizes the start and the end of calls

  • Correctly recognizes Voice Activity Detection

  • Records unlimited simultinous calls (only CPU power can limit this)

  • Configurable filters by ip- and mac-address (some of your phones can be excluded from recording)

  • Stores calls log (time and date of the call, duration, calling and called party ip- and mac-addresses)

  • Demo version has one limitation: It saves on disk only first 2 minutes of each call.

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    MiaRec 2.6.250 MiaRec 2.6.250

    MiaRec is a software for recording your conversations in any of Voip protocols (H.

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    MiaRec is a software for recording your conversations in any of Voip protocols (H.

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