Local SMTP Relay Server 5.261

Local SMTP Relay Server 5.261 Screenshot Local SMTP Relay Server is a SMTP server program for Windows that lets you send email messages directly from your computer.

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Local SMTP Relay Server is a SMTP server program for Windows that lets you send email messages directly from your computer.

Along with a mass mailer the program can be used as a relay server for sending newsletters, distributing messages to different mailing lists, sending notifications to your customers, as well as for sending personalized messages. You can use it instead of ISP's SMTP server to increase your email security privacy.

Local SMTP Relay Server is a SMTP server which allows you to send email messages.

Local SMTP Relay Server supports all email programs including Outlook Express and Eudora, but best optimized to work with Outlook Express. The email program you already use for sending and receiving messages can be connected to the server in a very easy way - by using the word "localhost" instead of your current SMTP host. Having done so, you can send messages in a usual manner.

Local SMTP Relay Server is very fast, while sending, it establishes dozens of SMTP connections, and gets the most out of your Internet connection. Local SMTP Relay Server is able to send thousands of emails per minute with a regular DSL Internet connection. The user interface of the program is very easy to learn, excellent documentation is included.

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Local SMTP Relay Server 5.261 screenshot

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