GoogImager Browser 1.0

GoogImager Browser 1.0 Screenshot Small Internet Browser for Advanced Image Search with Google search engine.

Developer:   NeSoft Inc.
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License:   Shareware
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Small Internet Browser for Advanced Image Search with Google search engine. You can perform Image Search more easily and comfortable using this tiny browser and powerest search engine.

This is other implementation of other our program - GoogImager. Use it for making a queries to the Google Image Search using parameters of Google Advanced Search and some exclusive parameters. One of the most interesting possibilities of this program - to create thumbnails galleries of the images from any site with the images

You can: use all parameters of Advanced Search to Image Search; for non-english users - search images without changing interface language; use Advanced Search parameters for Topic-Specific searches: for Linux, BSD, Macintosh or Government sites, change the type of search in one switch, use history of queries...

We will actively develop GoogImager Browser and incorporate any new Google features or developments in to it, and will always include anything that is an improvement or simplification for the use of this search engine (and in the future for other search engines).

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GoogImager Browser 1.0 screenshot

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