Contacts Verifier 2.5

Contacts Verifier 2.5 Screenshot Contacts Verifier is the first add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2003 made to monitor validity of e-mail addresses from the contacts.

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Contacts Verifier is the first add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2003 made to monitor validity of e-mail addresses from the contacts.

It is able of checking your address-book throughout in a few minutes to notify you of the contacts that contain e-mail addresses which are no longer valid.

Contacts Verifier also is operable in the mail merge mode with Microsoft Outlook 2002 and Microsoft Word 2002, as well as with newer version 2003. It checks e-mail addresses in an address source used for mass mailing and excludes invalid addresses.

When checking an address, CV imitates sending a message to the address being checked, and after it receives the answer from a server (the address belongs to) as to whether the address exists or not, it terminates message sending and ends the session correctly.

So, checking of an address is technically correct and cannot be noticed by the address owner.

Contacts Verifer support Socks5 protocol and NAT to work in LAN, fast multithread verifing, and have comfortabe user interface.

Information is becoming more and more valuable in our rapidly changing world, and we hope you will find our software product useful and easy to deal with.

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Contacts Verifier 2.5 screenshot

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