AY Spy 1.4

AY Spy 1.4 Screenshot AY Spy allows you to look up information in the Internet Registration databases all over the world.

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AY Spy allows you to look up information in the Internet Registration databases all over the world.

Seemlessly use DNS, Whois, RWhois, SMTP, Finger, ICMP queries without knowing anything about these protocols. However, if you need technical details, you can always find them in the AY Spy help file.

Automatically direct your queries using our unique database of Internet servers from more than a hundred countries.

Now you can easily navigate through the queries using point-and-click browser-like interface.

All the information that AY Spy delivers to you is freely available on the Internet, but you may spend hours trying to find it. We already did this job for you. We collected information on the Internet servers and put it into a concise database that AY Spy uses to direct your queries.

Unlike most other applications of its kind, AY Spy works not only for US domains, but for most other domains registered throughout the world. It uses a proprietary database to direct quesries to more than 100 different servers all around the world, which lets you obtain the most accurate and up to date information.

AY Spy features
  • You can find out:
  • Who registered the domain
  • Whether the person or business has registered a domain (in Europe only; The US server doesn't work any more)
  • Where the e-mail came from
  • Who provides Internet Services to a computer where the e-mail originated
  • Who handles e-mail for the particular domain
  • Whether the e-mail address is deliverable
  • How packets travel between yours and the other computer

  • 21 days trial

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    AY Spy 1.4 AY Spy 1.4
    AY Software Corporation

    AY Spy allows you to look up information in the Internet Registration databases all over the world.

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