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Ulead VideoStudio 8 Screenshot Ulead VideoStudio programis is an video editor for the PC.

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Ulead VideoStudio programis is an video editor for the PC. Built around an intuitive interface, VideoStudio helps you transform long, boring videotapes into great home movies.

You can add titles and rolling credits, transitions, narration, and background music. It offers expanded usability features, such as enhanced scene detection, plug and play conectivity, overlays, and more.

Ulead VideoStudio features
  • VideoStudio eliminates the steep learning curve associated with video editing.
  • An intuitive user interface and the latest technology take the steep learning curve out of video editing.
  • Guided workflow makes the entire creation process easy-to-follow
  • Plug-and-play video transfer for quick connection and easy video capture
  • Drag-and-drop control for quick and easy video creation
  • Get more out of your videos without experience or investing a lot of time.
  • 30 customizable video filters for quick correction and stylish effects
  • Over 100 adjustable transitions for smooth scene changes
  • Unlimited scrolling titles with shadows and borders
  • Video & graphic motion overlays for image or video-on-video effects
  • Offers widest range of video sharing options so you can choose and customize the movie format that is right for you.
  • Record finished videos straight to your DV/D8 camcorder
  • One-click Video Web page and Greeting Card output
  • Popular Web video formats (QuickTimeŽ, RealNetworksŽ, WindowsŽ Media)
  • Create DV and MPEG-2 videos for outstanding quality

    Input Formats :

    Video: AVI, FLC, FLI, GIF, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, QT, RM*, UIS , WMV*
    Audio: AIF, AIFC, AIFF, AU, AVI, MOV, MP3, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, QT, WAV

    Output Formats :

    Video: AVI, FLC, FLI, FLX, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, QT, RM, UIS, WMV
    Audio: WAV , MPA , RM , WMA

  • DV-to-DVD Wizard™ simplifies the process of videomaking even more by providing the fastest route from DV tape to finished DVD. In just two easy steps you’ll have an authored DVD - with menus, titles, transitions and music!
  • DV Quick Scan shows you exactly what is on your DV tape by automatically scanning it and giving you a timecoded thumbnail list of all your clips. You can then batch capture
  • only the clips you want.
  • Ripple Editing makes removing portions of clips and arranging scenes easier, as it automatically adjusts the positions of elements like audio, titles and overlays in relation to the video.
  • Timeline Zoom Control means getting a look at the bigger picture – instantly. A zoom control slider lets you expand or compress your video timeline, so you can see the details of your video quicker Improved Titles mean better ways to apply titles. Grid lines now help you place your titles exactly where you want them. Drag presets from the Library or create your
    own. Assign a specific duration each for your title’s start, end and pause.
  • Time Stretch lets you tweak the duration of video or audio clips to match other material on the timeline, without adversely affecting the audio pitch.
  • Reverse Playback creates a fun visual effect by playing your video backwards.
  • Auto Save makes sure you don’t lose your work if something goes wrong, by automatically saving at set time intervals.
  • Enhanced Capture Options provide a no-hassle capture experience. Select the capture method, and VideoStudio displays only the options you need.
  • Chroma Key lets you create TV magic the way the pros do.
  • Shoot your video subject against any uniformly colored background and then “fill in” the background of your choice. Place yourself in the Amazon jungle in an instant.
  • Flash Animation Overlay Support allows you to use Flash objects or clips, that have been saved with a transparency channel, as cartoon-style overlays.
  • New Transitions create great optical effects that make your transitions between scenes as fluid as possible. Choose from new Masks and Flashback for fun new ways for you scenes to fade in and out.
  • Audio Filters such as Volume Leveling which matches the volume of loud and soft video clips to ensure volume consistency and Audio Reverb, a creative effect which adds a sense of acoustic space to your movies audio.
  • Second Generation Auto Music Maker features an enhanced music engine that lets you create an infinite variety of unique royalty-free tunes to perfectly fit your video’s mood and duration.
  • Second Generation Music Analysis Engine now detects rhythm patterns in the background music so that transitions between video clips and images can be made to the beat.
  • Video Distortion is a creative tool to reshape your images or video clips so they fit into slanted or distorted overlay frames.
  • All New Video Filters give you more choices to make your video clips stand out. Particle Filters create a unique effect by overlaying random Clouds and Rain which you can customize just the way you like.
  • Video Pan and Zoom lets you pan across and zoom in on the details of your favorite video clips.
  • Strobe Motion Filter selectively speeds up or slows down portions of a video clip. See the part where the player kicks the ball in slow-mo, and then speed up the rest for the goal!
  • Ghost Motion Filter creates a ghosting effect that is great for making kids’ “ghost” movies.
  • Auto Slideshow with smart Pan & Zoom creates lively slideshows from your photos. You can specify the duration for each image, set transitions and automatically match them to the rhythm and duration of the background audio.
  • Motion Menus make your DVDs look professional with full motion buttons, as well as video and audio menu backgrounds.
  • 16:9 Widescreen Support creates widescreen movies for a true home theater experience.
  • Movie Screensaver creates Windows screensavers based on your favorite slideshow or video clips complete with your favorite music.
  • Smart Download provides you with ready to download updates, add-ons and other content for VideoStudio directly from the Ulead Web site.

  • 30 days trial

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    Ulead VideoStudio 8 Ulead VideoStudio 8

    Ulead VideoStudio programis is an video editor for the PC.

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