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Apollo 37zz Apollo 37zz
Heikki Ylinen

MP3-Player. Outstanding MP3 decoding quality

BestPlay Multimedia Audio and Video Player 4.1 BestPlay Multimedia Audio and Video Player 4.1
Mihai Gavota

BestPlay is a special multimedia - video & audio player for people who want HiFi quality.

Jukebox Arcade 1.0.1 Jukebox Arcade 1.0.1
ExtraStrength Software

Jukebox Arcade was written to be used as a stand alone jukebox player.

Pinky 5.94 Pinky 5.94
DonSoft Technology

Pinky is a media player that's a little different to the rest, enabling you to add to your collection, as well as play it.

SlowGold 7.7 SlowGold 7.7
World Wide Woodshed, LLC

Slow down music from any audio CD, MP3 file, or Wave file - hear and learn every note.

iRadio Lite 1.0 iRadio Lite 1.0

iRadio Lite is a good way to capturing and collecting music from radio stations over the Internet.

STMP3 Player 2.4 STMP3 Player 2.4
Angus McLaren

Just about every Trekkie wants an LCARS PC.

MidiRunner MidiRunner
Alberto Farinelli

MidiRunner is an integrated Play Center for MIDI, MP3, Wave, CD-Audio files and all others WindowsMedia supported sound files.

DiskDriver 4.3 DiskDriver 4.3
Visual Steel

DiskDriver is a webware application that simply allows you to play MP3s on your website.

CD/Spectrum Pro 2006.0204 CD/Spectrum Pro 2006.0204

CD/Spectrum Pro is a 32bit shareware CD-Audio Player with Graphical Spectrum Analyzer and MP3/WAV player.

iPilot 1.01 iPilot 1.01
Invention Pilot, Inc

iPilot is an attractively-looking control center for your CD-ROM and WinAMP.

Solo Performer Show Controller 4.4 Solo Performer Show Controller 4.4
Alien Apparatus Company Inc

Solo Performer Show Controller is a complete system for controlling the show for solo musicians.

StarCD 1.4 StarCD 1.4

StarCD is a full featured AudioCD player with very nice digital audio processes.

Hot Jingle Player 1.0 Hot Jingle Player 1.0
KoYoTe Software

Hot Jingle Player is ideal for DJs or radio stations to quickly and easily play a variety of recorded sounds, such as jingles, advertisements, songs (mp3, wma, ogg, wav) .

Search and Play - Media Player 1.1.0 Search and Play - Media Player 1.1.0
Brenaige Co.

Search and Play - Media Player is an audio and video player and it supports the usual file formats (such as avi, asf, wav, mp3).

4D AudioPlayer SGLX 1.5 4D AudioPlayer SGLX 1.5
SGLX MathPictures, Inc.

4D AudioPlayer SGLX" is a program using a powerful "Stereo Base Enhancing Effects System" ("4D") to play usual Audio files and CD Tracks.

MiLo's Jukebox 5.3 MiLo's Jukebox 5.3
Mike Looijmans

MiLo's Jukebox is a small but powerfull multimedia player that allows you to create and manage playlists, read information from MIDI files and play virtually any file.

JukeBx .2 Beta 1 JukeBx .2 Beta 1
Sinner Computing

Playlists are a useful way to organize your digital music.

ArticPlay 2.1 ArticPlay 2.1

ArticPlay – is convenient, powerful and original, but at the same time this audio player has minimal requirements to resources of your PC.

Naevius Cached MP3 Player 1.0 Naevius Cached MP3 Player 1.0
Naevius Software Group Ltd.

Naevius Cached MP3 Player is very convenient program for playing MP3-files from your CD/DVD discs.

AbyssAudio Pro 2.40 AbyssAudio Pro 2.40

AbyssAudio Pro is designed to clean up your hard drive and get your library in order with a simple click.

WinJukebox 2.22 WinJukebox 2.22
WinJukebox Software

So you like organizing parties or you own a bar (cafe, restaurant, disco or some other place where music plays).

Melody 1.52 Melody 1.52
Lighttek Software

Melody is a nice player for WAV, MPEG, MIDI, MOD files or audio CD disks.

ABX-Player 1.0 ABX-Player 1.0
Timo Esser

This software allows you to do a double blind listening test by playing two or three synchronised stereo tracks (A, B and X) and switch between them to compare and listen for differences.

Ultimate Jukebox 3.0 Ultimate Jukebox 3.0
Tony Murphy Software

Ultimate Jukebox is a full screen capable PC Jukebox application.