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Phonotron 1.0.3 Phonotron 1.0.3

Phonotron 1 is a powerful, offline editing tool for the creation of vocal lines to add to electronic music compositions in place of trained singing or vocal sample libraries.

Sweet Sixteen MIDI Sequencer 3.3.3 Sweet Sixteen MIDI Sequencer 3.3.3
Roni Music

Sweet Sixteen MIDI Sequencer is a comprehensive, reliable and powerful MIDI sequencer utility.

DAL Flute VSTi 2.1 DAL Flute VSTi 2.1

DAL Flute is a hybrid VSTI flute emulator.

Karaoke Mixer 1.0 Karaoke Mixer 1.0
Audio4You Software

With Karaoke Mixer you don't need advanced application to mix karaoke background and recorded voice any more.

Absolute Steinway Piano VSTi 3 Absolute Steinway Piano VSTi 3

Absolute Piano : Steinway Concert Grand.

Scorpion 1.0 Scorpion 1.0
Sonic Syndicate

The Scorpion is a virtual analog VSTi synthesizer.

e-Xpressor Real MIDI Accompaniment Maker 1.20 e-Xpressor Real MIDI Accompaniment Maker 1.20
e-Xpressor Laboratory

e-Xpressor is auto-accompaniment maker creating ready chord progression to a tune.

Symbolic Composer 5.1 3D Symbolic Composer 5.1 3D
MRAC Publishing

Symbolic Composer is the largest and most popular music language available for computers -- now with powerful VRML 3D Macros, that let the composer fuse together music and architecture.

Revitar 1 Revitar 1

Revitar is capable of producing a wide range of guitar sounds from acoustic to slap bass.

BMS Business Music System 4.05 BMS Business Music System 4.05
NCH Swift Sound

BMS is a software package that will play background music or announcements.

GoldVerb 3 GoldVerb 3

The GoldVerb is an amazing reverb dedicated to the professional and to the Studio.

DJ Twist & Burn 1.01 b142 DJ Twist & Burn 1.01 b142
Acoustica, Inc.

DJ Twist & Burn lets you warp, bend and mix your music.

Hydra 1.2 Hydra 1.2
Sonic Syndicate

The Hydra is a multi-model VSTi / DXi synthesizer, designed for use in all genres of electronic music.

MIDI Eddie MIDI Eddie
Song Galaxy

Make your Midifiles sound better! Use MIDI Eddie to mute instruments, transpose, select other sounds, adjust volume levels etc.

e-mix Home Edition e-mix Home Edition
cbl electronics AG

Your parties will be extraordinary! Mixing music in bars, clubs, for private parties or simply for yourself has never been easier.


It will play songs and mix them together in the most simple way.

Onyx Arranger 2.1 Onyx Arranger 2.1
Jasmine Music Technology

Onyx Arranger - a powerful arranger / sequencer based on advanced technologies with full real-time control of MIDI data generation and transformation.

Loop-X 1.0 Loop-X 1.0

Loop X will allow you to cut perfectly constructed drum or rhythm loops out of your favourite mp3s or wave files, without the boring and tedious process necessary with a wave-editor.

7Canaries Professional 1.0 build 101 7Canaries Professional 1.0 build 101
TallStick Software

7Canaries Professional performs automated recognition of polyphonic music, stored in MP1, MP2, MP3, MPP, MPA, AIF, SND, AU, WAVE formats as well as audio CD tracks.

Serenade 1.0.2 Serenade 1.0.2
Jos Maas

Serenade is tool to add text to a midifile (.

SawCutter 2.0 SawCutter 2.0

Regain control of your sounds.

ArtWonk 4.4 ArtWonk 4.4
Algorithmic Arts

ArtWonk is a MIDI and graphics program that produces MIDI music and paint graphics based on algorithmic rules that you interactively create by connecting modules (graphical objects that represent functions and processes) in real time, adjusting the parameters as you go, in an interactive drag and drop environment especially designed to be fast to learn, fast to use.

Palette 1.0 Palette 1.0
Mid Air

Use this program to compose own melodies.

.0303 Piezo-tone sequencer 1 .0303 Piezo-tone sequencer 1

A drum machine using your computer's on-board piezoelectric speaker! .

MP3DJ Broadcast 3.1 MP3DJ Broadcast 3.1

Special Features of MP3DJ Broadcast - Radio Automation Software Play music without interruptions and Insert playlists with commercials at defined day times, options are: after a defined period of time for example 10 seconds, or at the end of the current playing song.