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MM Player 5.1 build 231 MM Player 5.1 build 231
David Polberger

MM Player greatly simplifies managing all your myriad media files and Compact Discs.

MovieView 1.0 MovieView 1.0
Bersoft Inc.

Video player that uses the Windows Media Player engine to play videos in its own fully customizable window.

Injstar 4.0 Injstar 4.0

If you got video files (avi ,mpg, qt ,.

DigiMode NewVcd 1.0.0 DigiMode NewVcd 1.0.0
DigiMode Media Players and Free Software

High stability and high speed, advanced and very fast video search, ability to switch from actual video size to full screen without any noticeable interruption in playback, ability to enter any playback speed, full display of playing file info like time and name, track path and number of items on play list.

Ladybug Player Vista 2.0 Ladybug Player Vista 2.0

Ladybug Player Vista is a next-generation media player which can do real-time video mixing and video special effects for standard and high-definition videos in multi-core CPU and super-fast GPU.

MoviePerk 3.6 MoviePerk 3.6
Nsdai Software

MoviePerk is a nice and straightforward video player that will come in handy.

AtomDVD 3.1 AtomDVD 3.1

AVIivaPlus 1.0 AVIivaPlus 1.0
RKA Productions

AVIivaPlus is a video player and presentation program.

GRID2 2.0.3 GRID2 2.0.3

Since its release in May 2003, VIDVOX GRID has become an important tool for hundreds of video artists and performers all over the world.

Hotwire Movie Player 4.1 Hotwire Movie Player 4.1
Ionic Software

Hotwire Movie Player is a useful video player application which brings the comfort and convenience available in modern home entertainment equipment to your home PC.

FMV Pro 5.99 FMV Pro 5.99
Slipstream Systems

FMV Pro is a unique movie editor and player bursting with multimedia features, special effects, transitions, realtime editing, screensavers - over a hundred and fifty cool things to try! FMV Pro is a video player with special effects and realtime editing.

DigiMode Ream Sigma 2.3.2 DigiMode Ream Sigma 2.3.2

DigiMode Ream Sigma has all the following features and much more we could not fit in this little space, Download the program in few ninutes and see.

Ofilter Player Ofilter Player
DigitByte Studio

Ofilter Player is an easy-to-use multimedia player.

NiceMC Pro DVD Player 1.4 NiceMC Pro DVD Player 1.4
Christophe Nys

NiceMC Pro DVD Player is a new all-in-one player for your mp3s, images, texts and videos.

ViViDVD Player 2.0.5 ViViDVD Player 2.0.5

ViViDVD Player is a DVD player that combines the great picture and sound with full featured DVD ViViDVD Player is an easy to use and powerful - DVD player that combines the great picture and sound with full featured DVD navigation that includes: DVD playback with full operating controls.

Multi-View 1.0.3 SE Multi-View 1.0.3 SE
FutureVideo Products Incorporated

Multi-View is a digital video playback application solution useful for simultaneous playback of multi-camera recordings.

VIPlayer 1.0 VIPlayer 1.0
Valeri Vlassov

VIPlayer - Media player with possibility to play many media files together and MS Access Database support.

Movie Player Pro ActiveX OCX SDK 3.5 Movie Player Pro ActiveX OCX SDK 3.5
Viscom Software

Movie Player Pro ActiveX OCX SDK is a powerfull media player, Mov, M4a, Mp4, 3gp, AVI, WMV, MPEG-1, RM, MPEG-2 , ASFfor Professional Windows Developers who need to provide video/audio media playback function within their business application.

DigiMode X Pro 1.02.7 DigiMode X Pro 1.02.7

DigiMode X Pro is no ordinary program, It is very unique and quite different from the rest.

Salsaware 1.0 Salsaware 1.0

Salsaware is a useful media player program that can view, analyze and catalog you entire video collection.

Motion-Touch video player 1.0 Motion-Touch video player 1.0

motiontouch is a powerful and affordable video analysis and measurement software.

MediaShare Chat & Play PRO 5.1 MediaShare Chat & Play PRO 5.1
WebMediaSpider Software

MediaShare Chat & Play PRO is a brand new grid player that plays and controls up to 8 videos at one time over your entire screen.

AK-Player 5.1 AK-Player 5.1
Advanced Knack

AK-Player Program can make Zoom to All Type of Video with high resolution and AK-Player support 20 level to fast or slow you Movie and your Audio (MP3, and other type) but now you can keep the voice clear for your MP3 by 6 different Levels to fast or slow your Audio.

eXmedia Player 4.192 eXmedia Player 4.192

eXmedia Player is a diverse media application which runs nearly every type of media on your comptuer.

HEXPlayer 1.00.0152 HEXPlayer 1.00.0152

HEXPlayer allows you to create your own customizable workouts from multiple fitness video sources.