YMPEG 3.3 Screenshot YMPEG is Windows AVI codec (VFW).

Developer:   Yusuf Motiwala
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YMPEG is Windows AVI codec (VFW). After installation, it becomes part of Windows so that it can be used by any application which uses Windows Compression Manager (like VirtualDub, Adobe Premiere, AE, Vegas etc.). It can also be use for real-time MPEG encoding.

YMPEG is a first MPEG Codec which can integrate itself with Windows and offers seamless encoding from your favorite application.

During evaluation period, there is no difference in YMPEG evaluation and registered version, except that YMPEG evaluation version displays splash screen while registered version does not.

YMPEG Supports:

MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VCD, SVCD (ISO/IEC 13818, 11172), DVD, KVCD (non-standard), CVD
Audio Layer 1, 2
Variable and Constant Bit Rates
and lot more.....See configuration dialog in tutorial for more features

YMPEG Advantages:

Direct encoding from your favorite applications without any intermediate file or frame servers. This is most simplest way to create MPEG files.
YMPEG is only MPEG codec which integrates with OS (as far as I know).
Real-time Encoding
Highest Applications Compatibility
Very good Quality
Rich set of options.
Very handy in converting to MPEG from other formats
SDK to integrate with your own software

  • YMPEG evaluation version will allow you to encode approx 10 hours of MPEG-2, SVCD or DVD video, after which MPEG-2 functionalities will be disabled. You can however, continue to use YMPEG evaluation version for encoding MPEG-1, VCD, ... even after evaluation version is expired, completely FREE

  • Windows 2/XP (Reported to be working in 98/NT)
  • SSE Support in processor (PIII and later, Athlon XP and later) *MUST*
  • Administrative privileges during installation

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    YMPEG 3.3 screenshot

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    Authors software

    YMPEG 3.3 YMPEG 3.3
    Yusuf Motiwala

    YMPEG is Windows AVI codec (VFW).

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    Yusuf Motiwala

    YMPEG is Windows AVI codec (VFW).

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