VIPlayer 1.0

VIPlayer 1.0 Screenshot VIPlayer - Media player with possibility to play many media files together and MS Access Database support.

Developer:   Valeri Vlassov
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License:   Shareware
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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VIPlayer - Media player with possibility to play many media files together and MS Access Database support.

Why use it:

  • Normal and simply Windows User interface.
  • Simply open a media file as you do it in Word or Excel and show it.
  • You can open more than one media-files (video, audio and pictures) together.
  • When you open a file, all files with those extention will be automaticaly imported in an Access-database file (mdb).
  • No limits for a database of media files, you can hold a million and more media files in a Table.
  • You can sorting media files by name, size, directory, date of creation, extention.
  • You can play a list of media files (video, audio or mixed) sequently.
  • Using VIPlayer you can view files from various formats, such as: avi, mpg, wmv, bmp, jpg, mid, mp3, wav, wmg media files

    Usefull Keyboard buttons:
  • ESC - to return back from Full-screen mode.
  • arrows Up or Down - Sound volume up or down
  • Home or End - Sound Volume to Full or Zero
  • m - Sound mute on / off

  • Shift, Ctrl - to select more then one files in the Playlist.
  • Ctrl + A - to select all files in the Playlist.
  • Enter - to play a selected file in the Playlist.
  • Delete - to delete selected files from the Playlist.
  • Numpad "Plus"- to increase a Time-delay between a pictures.
  • Numpad "Minus"- to decrease a Time-delay between a pictures

  • Drag the progress bar below for positioning a media file.
  • Click a column headers in a Playlist for sorting it.
  • Open more then one Playlist and sorting each of them.
  • When you open a media file, all files with that extention will be imported from directory in a Playlist.
  • Select a lot of media files in a Playlist and play all of them sequently (Menu: Playlist / Play selected files)


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    VIPlayer 1.0 screenshot

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