NSA Song Player 1.22

NSA Song Player 1.22 Screenshot The NSA Song Player is designed to help you learn and create songs for the guitar.

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The NSA Song Player is designed to help you learn and create songs for the guitar. You can import tablature and hear it as it is played to the Metronome speed you choose, or create your own songs and progressions.

Now with alternate tuning, staff and a capo, you can enter virtually any song, see and hear it played, and find scales and arpeggios to play over it.

You can learn from the Song Player in several different ways. It can be an invaluable reference tool, with over 1200 chords and thousands of scales in standard tuning alone.

As notes are displayed, you can choose several options for additional information, such as note names or relative positions. So as you play songs you will become more familiar with the fretboard and how songs are built.

You can use the Metronome to start your practice slowly, and then build up to speed as you become more comfortable with a song or piece of tablature. You can also navigate through songs easily to find the parts that are difficult for specific practice.

Once you are familiar with a song, you can test your skills by playing it in a different key (with the click of a button), or change the fret position to learn different variations of its chords.

The Song Player comes with a complete Guided Tour to get you started quickly. The tour walks you through all the steps of working with chords, scales, songs and tablature. It is completely interactive, so you can do everything as it is explained to you.

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NSA Song Player 1.22 NSA Song Player 1.22
NSA Software

The NSA Song Player is designed to help you learn and create songs for the guitar.

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NSA Song Player 1.22 NSA Song Player 1.22
NSA Software

The NSA Song Player is designed to help you learn and create songs for the guitar.

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