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The primary disadvantage of common archives (.zip .rar .ace etc.) is that once files have been archived they loose their direct functionality, meaning they first have to be unpacked using the application used to compress them and the run.

nBinder comes to fix this problem combining the advantages of archives with the direct functionality of the uncompressed files and many more other options like password protection and anti hacking protection for executables or complex commands that enhance functionality.

Files compressed with nBinder are transformed into standalone executable files (.exe) that when executed they act the same as the packed files would if run uncompressed, maintaining their full direct functionality. For example a packed movie when run will open the movie into its default application, without the user having to decompress it first.

You can use the files compressed (binded, protected) by nBinder without having nBinder or other application installed on the computer. You can later extract the packed files from the output file either by using nBinder or by running the output file with a certain command line.

nBinder offers support for projects, individual file options, directory structures, URL files, commands...

With nBinder you can:

  • Compress executables (or any other file type) without affecting their direct functionality, so you don't have to unpack them before run.
  • Transform any type of file into an executable without affecting their direct functionality.
  • Password protect any kind of file without the file loosing its direct functionality.
  • Add more functionality to your application by biding it and adding complex commands to it both before and after execution.
  • Keep your applicationsoffline local sitesdocuments updated by downloading the latest files from the Internet each time the output is launched.
  • Compact applications by packing the executable files along with their dlls and other resource files.
  • Bind dlls and other resource files to your executable so you can distribute your application as a single (smaller, protected) executable.
  • Protect your application by binding it and selecting the self delete option so that a user can use your application (output) only once, the file deleting itself after one run.
  • Make an silent installer for your application that will be able to install your application and its needed files to a certain directory and run your application when the install process is complete.
  • Protect your applications against reverse-engineering and other hacks.
  • Transform any format in an executable without affecting its direct functionality.
  • Convert an entire web site (along with pictures and other resources) into a single executable.
  • Password protect your executables or any other file Password protect your images, pictures, documents, projects, music ...etc. and at the same time compress them.
  • Compress and you picture gallery or your music gallery and transform it into a single executable file so you can carry it with you everywhere .
  • Hide files inside an application and have them silently extracted to a certain directory.
  • Change executables icons.
  • Compress any file without loosing its direct functionality.

    nBinder features
  • Can be used to bind (compress and protect) dll's and other resource files that might be needed by executables, for a more compact and fast distribution. It doesn't modify files in any way, it unpacks them to their initial state and then it launches them.
  • Handles an unlimited number of files.
  • Save and Load projects along with file options and commands for a faster work flow.
  • Advanced compression algorithm offers a very good compression ration and at the same time a very fast decompression.
  • Can compress executables to make it harder to reverse engineer or hack.
  • Complex system, file, and registry Commands that can be added to projects to increase the functionality of your files.
  • Can add and use URL files (addresses to files on the Internet that are downloaded when the output file is launched and are handled as normal files).
  • Extract icon for and version information for the output file from other applications (EXEs), DLL files, and ICO files.
  • Password Protection for the output file to restrict access to the binded files. Strong password protection: the password is not stored in the output file, only a hash check is. You can add a password for RUN or/and Unpack.
  • Can set individual options for each file in the project along with Global options affecting all files in the project.
  • Supports directory structures for unpacking files.
  • Can send different command line arguments to each file in the project. It also supports special values. You can send the arguments from the output to any file in the project. (C:.exe ).
  • Can remove unpacked files either after all EXEs in the project close or at next boot. You can also leave the files on the hard disk.
  • Can handle multiple files or a single file per project.
  • Unpack binded files either from within nBinder(Project->Unpack output file) or by command line with the output file (C:.exe /unpack /).
  • Start the password protected bound files by sending the password in the command line (C:.exe /pass /) when you launch the output.
  • Can add a protective measure to your application by selecting the self delete option so that the application (output) will delete itself right after it will run, preventing user to rerun application.
  • the folder in which the files are unpacked can be protected so that no other application can access the folder or the files inside.
  • Can use special keywords like %TEMP% to specify special folders in which to unpack temporary files.
  • Select a level of compression for each file in the project when you compress files in the project, select to which folder shoul

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    nBinder 5.1.0 nBinder 5.1.0
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    The primary disadvantage of common archives (.

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    The primary disadvantage of common archives (.

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