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ABF Value Converter 2.3 ABF Value Converter 2.3
ABF software, Inc.

ABF Value Converter is a software for measurement units conversion.

Weights And Measures Plus 3.1 Weights And Measures Plus 3.1
Equinox Software

Weights And Measures Plus™ is a program for converting units of measurement from one system to another such as yards to meters, or for conversions within a system of measurement, as in fluid ounces to gallons.

SAM 1.52 SAM 1.52
MetalGrass software

SAM is a collection of Small Application Modules.

Easy Date Converter 10.95 Easy Date Converter 10.95
Hermetic Systems

Easy Date Converter is a program that converts dates in various Western calendars and does date arithmetic.

AlcoDens 2.5 AlcoDens 2.5
Katmar Software

AlcoDens allows you to convert the density of ethanol-water mixtures in a wide variety of units to and from concentration expressed in Volume, Mass or Molar terms.

Aquarius Soft PC Unit Converter Professional Aquarius Soft PC Unit Converter Professional
Aquarius Soft

Aquarius Soft PC Unit Converter lets you quickly convert between 2 units, like converting between square meter and square foot etc.

Convert-O-Gadget Convert-O-Gadget
R.K. West Consulting

What does it do? It's a handy tool to help you make conversions from one unit of measurement to another.

A-Converter 1.0SR1 A-Converter 1.0SR1

A-Converter is a handy utility, that can handle unit conversions in number of categories, such as Length, Volume, Area, Mass, Time and more.

Unit Conversion Tool 5.0 Unit Conversion Tool 5.0
Unit Conversion Tools

Unit conversion tool can convert about 250 various types of measurement units from one system of measure to another.

AllConcentrations 1.0a AllConcentrations 1.0a

AllConcentrations - software for solution concentrations conversions.

Best Converter 1.00 Best Converter 1.00

Best Converter XP is an easy-to-use unit conversion program to convert almost anything to anything else.

Daniel Corbier

Whether you need to compute compound interest, convert from miles to kilometers, solve a quadratic equation, plot a 3D surface, or simply add up bills, you will find a tool in UCALC 4.

EZY Unit Converter 1.3 EZY Unit Converter 1.3
Play Tonics

EZY Unit Converter - This easy to use program converts many common units of measurement.

Fahrenheit Converter 1 Fahrenheit Converter 1

Need a quick and easy way to visually discover the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius? Fahrenheit Converter is the way to go! Simply watch conversions appear before your eyes as you slide up and down the temperature scale! Its that easy.

iUnit 3.7.0 iUnit 3.7.0
Black Cat Systems

iUnit is an useful unit conversion software for Windows.

Unios 2.1 Unios 2.1
Basta Computing, Inc.

Unios is a fast and simple unit converter with built in support for lots of units in many categories including currency, capacity, distance, pressure, speed, temperature, surface area, time, volume, and weight.

WorldCalc WorldCalc
Cloanto Corporation

WorldCalc is a calculator and currency converter with daily exchange rate updates provided by Cloanto, a leader in currency software and services.

WWAConvert 1.0 WWAConvert 1.0
World Works Applications

WWAConvert is a scientific unit converter with more than 5,000 conversions.

Globex 3.0 Globex 3.0
Cosmin Software

Globex is an extremely useful tool for today's global economy.

Conversions+ Conversions+
JSoft Consulting

Ever wonder how many Eastern Mediterranean Piks are in a French Arpent? how many meters per statue mile? or how many liters there are in a British bucket? Wonder no more because Conversions+ is a conversion program with over 600 different conversions.

CCUnits 3.5 CCUnits 3.5
Castillo Bueno Systems

CCUnits is a program to convert units of measure common in engineering and science.

EasyTrans 1.27 EasyTrans 1.27
Dr. Mathes

EasyTrans stands for an 'all-in-one' application to transform coordinates.

Master Converter 2.7.3 Master Converter 2.7.3
Savard Software

Master Converter is a strong Windows tool developed for converting measurement units.

Calculus 1.1.2 Calculus 1.1.2

Calculus is a useful calculator that comes with currency-converting capabilities (updating currency-rates from the Net).

Unit Mate 2.2 Unit Mate 2.2
Unit Mate

Unit Mate is a very customizable unit converter that will easily convert between many kinds of measurement units like Temperature, Length, Velocity, Mass, Area, Acceleration, Force, Volume, Pressure, Energy, Power, Fuel Consumption, Flow, Torque, Angles, Number Systems, Time and much more, User can select which units to be visible, User can add or remove user-defined custom units, choose the required display format and specify the number of decimal places, Powerful foreign currency exchange rates calculator that converts multiple currencies simultaneously.