EXE Password Protector 1.1

EXE Password Protector 1.1 Screenshot EXE Password Protector is a security software for Windows OS that helps you password protect any .

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EXE Password Protector is a security software for Windows OS that helps you password protect any .EXE file from unauthorized access. Thus, to launch an application that was protected by this utility, user must enter the valid password to be able to run a protected program.

Unlike other similar software, EXE Password Protector doesn’t request any special protection programs to be running in background to carry out functionality. So an executable file protected by this utility is secured from unauthorized access even when it has been copied and launched from other computer. Such behavior is achieved by adding a supplementary code to the executable file.

EXE Password Protector is a security tool that add passwords to exe applications.

This code contains a password protection mechanism which implements all defensive and authorization functions. It adds approximately 100 kb to file size and would not cause any damage to the executable file. This protection works under all types of Windows operating or file systems. Password may contain up to 50 characters. For your own security the special fail-safe protection was developed, which prevents your system-critical files from locking with password, as otherwise Windows OS could fail during booting and that would get you in trouble.

It is also possible to remove the supplementary code added to the protected file and easily restore initial .exe file without any harm to it. To ensure that the original executable file is safe, EXE Password Protector always lets you make a backup copy for this file. A special wizard guides you through a number of steps and dialog-boxes in which you specify a file you need to protect, add a password and other required data.

You don’t need to have great programming experience to accomplish professional protectio

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EXE Password Protector 1.1 EXE Password Protector 1.1
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EXE Password Protector is a security software for Windows OS that helps you password protect any .

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