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miniMRP V2.1a miniMRP V2.1a
Axis Controls Limited

MiniMRP is a new and easy program that helps you control your inventory with some additional features usually only found in larger ERP/MRP systems.

DownloaderXL 5.9.8 DownloaderXL 5.9.8
AnalyzerXL LLC

Powerful stock quotes downloading software for Microsoft Excel.

Simple Business Invoicing & Inventory 3.1.4 Simple Business Invoicing & Inventory 3.1.4
OWL Software

Simple Business Invoicing & Inventory (SBII) is a comprehensive sales management system that includes: invoicing, inventory management, automated billing, both physical and email mailing list management, and sales tracking.

Kivio MP 3.0.12 Kivio MP 3.0.12

Chart your office, diagram your work, and map your thoughts with Kivio MP Kivio mp is a full-featured application for creating flowcharts and diagrams - a perfect tool to assist anyone who wants to organize their thoughts and workflow.

Timer Cafe Lan House Manager 4.2.1 Timer Cafe Lan House Manager 4.2.1
F.A.D. Softwares

Timer Cafe Lan House Manager is a professional Internet cafe software / cyber cafe software for management and billing of cybercafes.

iCash 7.7.1 iCash 7.7.1
MAX Programming LLC

iCash is a software intended to control your personal finance, keeping track of incomes, expenses, credits, debts and Banks transactions for you.

Abacre Restaurant Point of Sales 1.8 Abacre Restaurant Point of Sales 1.8
Abacre Corporation

Abacre Restaurant Point of Sales is a new generation of restaurant management software for Windows.

BS1 Accounting 2021.0 BS1 Accounting 2021.0
Davis Business Systems Ltd.

BS/1 Small Business is an integrated accounting system for small to medium-sized businesses: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Inventory, and Sales Analysis.

RapidSP Trading Simulator RapidSP Trading Simulator

RapidSP Trading Simulator supports all the popular order types (Market, Limit, Stop, Stop Limit, MIT, FOK, OCO).

AB Invoicing AB Invoicing

Invoice, credit invoice, receipt, quotation, delivery note, packing slip, reminder, finance caharge, customer regsiter, products register, customer invoices, daybook, ledger, statistics, balance sheet, profit and loss, etc.

II_WorkSchedule 6.61 II_WorkSchedule 6.61
Image Integration

II_WorkSchedule is a useful electronic personal-management software for Companies.

BayGenie BayGenie

Have you ever lost a bid on eBay because someone else put a higher bid at the last seconds? Placing a bid just before the auction ends, also known as "sniping", is a strategy a lot of eBay bidders use to win auctions.

Time Tracker Employee Scheduling Software 5.1.509 Time Tracker Employee Scheduling Software 5.1.509
Asgard Systems Incorporated

Time Tracker Employee Scheduling Software automates and analyses the scheduling process.

Wage Calculator Excel 30 Wage Calculator Excel 30

The Wage Calculator allows you to define roster schedules and will automatically calculate associated wage costs by staff, Area, and Department for each day, and the week.

MindMapper Pro 5.0.6064 MindMapper Pro 5.0.6064
SimTech Systems Inc

With MindMapper Pro you will be able to discover the full potential of a mind mapping software by reducing the complexities, the intricacies of drawing, editing and managing a mind map.

Account Pro 8.3.200 Account Pro 8.3.200
AccSoft Shareware

User-friendly network-capable multi-currency accounting and finance planning program, equally suitable for small to medium businesses, institutions, and private users.

LandlordMax Property Management Software 6.05f LandlordMax Property Management Software 6.05f
LandlordMax Software Inc.

LandlordMax is a complete property management software application to manage your real estate rental properties.

Payroll Calculator 2006 3.8a Payroll Calculator 2006 3.8a
Troy Phillips

Payroll Calculator will easily calculate your worked hours and your overtime hours based on your established wage, so you will know what to expect on your next paycheck.

eOrdering Gold 4.1.2 eOrdering Gold 4.1.2
LAJ Design

eOrdering Gold - small businesses, photographers, and artists put your products online and take orders over the web.

Purchase Order 4.2 Purchase Order 4.2

Purchase Order is an affordable solution for small and medium size companies that handle their equipment, material, and other purchases via purchase order.

Real Estate Investment Software 99K7k Real Estate Investment Software 99K7k

Real estate investment analysis and development software for developers, investors, agents, etc.

Netpas Estimator 2005 build 0138 Netpas Estimator 2005 build 0138
Seafuture Inc

You can make your voyage estimation easily, fast and conveniently with Netpas estimator2005.

Invoice Tracking 2005 with Excel Invoice Tracking 2005 with Excel

Invoice Tracking is a stand-alone program that uses Excel as the basic for reporting, printing and invoice forms customization.

Proposal-Invoice 3.1.01 Proposal-Invoice 3.1.01

Proposal-Invoice is a software that allows users to create invoices, receipts and proposals.

ExcelEverywhere for Java/JSP 3.4.1 ExcelEverywhere for Java/JSP 3.4.1
Framtidsforum I&M AB

ExcelEverywhere for Java/JSP - calculate on the WEB.