MUZIK MAKER 3.5 Screenshot Muzik Maker is a loop based music and sample creation utility.

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Muzik Maker is a loop based music and sample creation utility. You can use the samples included or import any of your own wav or mp3 files to the program.

There are six main loops which can be selected on screen but the keyboard can also be used thus allowing you to play over 18 sounds simultaneously. You can easily create dance, Hip-hop, techno or any genre of music you want the only limit is your creativity and your sample sets.

MUZIK MAKER features
  • Beginners can get composing straight away using the quick start guide.

  • Features FREESTYLE mode And PATTERN PLAY mode.

  • Advanced users have a whole host of functions available allowing them more overall control over the sound played.

  • Record your songs straight to your drive. This can then be encoded to MP3 and you'll have your own song.

  • The samples included are freeware therefore you can do what you please with your song, share it with your friends, publish it over the internet or even make money with it!

  • User friendly interface which is completely customizable. This includes program skins, use one of three included or download loads more FREE from the forums. Buttons can also be customized easily.

  • All resources in the program can be downloaded from the online forums this includes samples, skins, patterns, presets, projects and sets!

  • Create your own sample sets and groups and upload them to the official forums!

  • Three mixers each with six effects including compressor, flange, chorus and echo!! Create some amazing sounds using a combination of effects!

  • Pattern Play Mode - allows you to individually program each loop and get the samples to play in the order you want. The most useful function in creating your songs.

  • Beatz Maker Is Included which can be used to create your own samples.

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    MUZIK MAKER 3.5 screenshot

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    Muzik Maker is a loop based music and sample creation utility.

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    Muzik Maker is a loop based music and sample creation utility.

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