Unixtime2Date 1.01 Unixtime2Date 1.01 Screenshot Unixtime to Date is a date conversion utility that can calculate the date in unixtime or normal date format.

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Unixtime to Date is a date conversion utility that can calculate the date in unixtime or normal date format.

Unix computers and some databases keep their time stamps in what is termed "unix time stamp" or the number of seconds since Jan 1, 1970. To a human this is just a big number, our program converts unix time stamps to human readable dates. It is perfect for those working with unix time stamps daily.

Unixtime to Date is a date conversion utility that can calculate the date in unixtime or normal date format.
Convert Unix time to a normal Date and time.
Convert a normal Date and time to Unixtime.
Get the current unixtime

Here are some key features of "Info Pack com Unixtime2Date":

  • Convert Unixtim

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    Unixtime to Date is a date conversion utility that can calculate the date in unixtime or normal date format.

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