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12Ghosts ShowTime 9.70 12Ghosts ShowTime 9.70
12Ghosts Inc

Enhance the taskbar clock to show the date or any out of 74 worldtimes! 12ShowTime displays the time and date either in a free movable window that you can place on top of all windows.

AtomSync 2.12 AtomSync 2.12
EmTec Innovative Software

AtomSync is a utility that works in the background and periodically checks your system time against an internet NTP time server or against a computer in your LAN (local network) which runs an AtomSync LAN time server.

Wake Up News 4.0 Wake Up News 4.0
Wake up News

Wake up News is an alarm clock and a new way to wake up .

iTimeSync 1.901 iTimeSync 1.901
Sinner Computing

The accuracy of your PCs clocks is important for many reasons, but keeping it that way can be a chore.

GreetSoft Desktop Clock 5.0.1087 GreetSoft Desktop Clock 5.0.1087

GreetSoft Desktop Clock is an useful and convenient program composed of a digital clock and a calendar GreetSoft Desktop Clock has many attractive animated skins and it's appearance can be adjusted according to your wishes.

Zonex World Clock 1.05 Zonex World Clock 1.05
World Time Products

Zonex World Clock is a tool for showing you the time everywhere in the world at a glance.

Time Trax 1.0.1 Time Trax 1.0.1
Innovative Software Creations

Time Trax is an easy to use time management application that you can use to keep track of important tasks in your life.

Smart World Time 3.0.0 Smart World Time 3.0.0
Landing software Inc.

Smart World Time is a strong and customizable application developed for displaying the local Date&Time in any Timezone or Location around the world.

The Beetle Alarm+ 1.10 The Beetle Alarm+ 1.10

The Beetle Alarm+ can wake up your computer automatically.

Desktop Atomic Clock v2.22 Desktop Atomic Clock v2.22
Softros Company Ltd

Desktop Atomic Clock is a program to synchronize your PC clock with an atomic clock over the Internet.

Clock.NET Clock.NET


Sharp World Clock 1.30 Sharp World Clock 1.30
Johannes Wallroth

Sharp World Clock is possibly the most sophisticated and beautiful World Time software for Windows.

CoolClock 1.1 CoolClock 1.1

CoolClock is a Windows application that replaces the ordinary Windows clock.

Say the Time 2006 Say the Time 2006
Provenio Software Corporation

Get organized — the fun and easy way! Say the Time will keep you on schedule by automatically announcing the date, time or both at specified intervals using a pleasant male or female voice.

Project Clock Pro 10.15 Project Clock Pro 10.15
CyberMatrix Corporation, Inc.

Project Clock Pro is an easy to use project time tracking system.

PayPunch Enterprise 9.00.238 PayPunch Enterprise 9.00.238
Xpress Software Inc

PayPunch is a financial software that allows you to track your employees attendance.

WorldTimer 5.65.9 WorldTimer 5.65.9
Castle Software Ltd

WorldTimer is a user configurable world clock that can display a number of clocks using different time zones.

Kybtec World Clock Kybtec World Clock
Kybtec Software

See the time all over the world on this attractive desktop world clock.

HiClock Pro 3.19 HiClock Pro 3.19
K&G Software Group

HiClock Pro gives you an easy, thorough way to synchronize your system clock to the exact time using the Internet.

dfg AtomicTimeSync XP 3.10.1 dfg AtomicTimeSync XP 3.10.1

Have you ever noticed that your computer's clock isn't very accurate?dfg AtomicTimeSync XP is a professional Time Synchronization tool to synchronize your PC via the internet.

Talking Secretary 2.04 Talking Secretary 2.04

Create voice activated reminders which will say the day and time out loud, play MP3 files, play video reminders, and display customized messages based on day of the week, time, any date, or month end.

SelfCron 2.20.0068 SelfCron 2.20.0068

SelfCron is an application that helps to get the most accurate time on your PC from reliable internet time servers.

Time Clock 5.0 Time Clock 5.0
Markosoft Inc

Because keeping track of the time one spends working on individual tasks is often a tedious and time consuming job in and of itself, a tool that minimizes the time spent tracking time can be very valuable.

Egg Timer 2.0 Egg Timer 2.0
Michael Robinson

EggTimer is a simple countdown timer that is sort of like the cooking timer you might find in many kitchens.

TraxTime 5.15 TraxTime 5.15
Spud City Software Co.

TraxTime is the EASY and ACCURATE method to keep track of the time users spend on different projects.