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Subliminal MindXP 2.2 Subliminal MindXP 2.2
Ideate Software Solutions

Scientists say we only use a small percentage of our brain's potential.

MASH 7.4 MASH 7.4
BellCraft Technologies

Bring your Desktop to Life with Microsoft Agent Animated Talking Characters in 11 Languages! Record and playback entertaining presentations by simply dragging characters around the screen, directing what they say and do.

Liquid View 2.06 Liquid View 2.06
Portrait Displays Inc

Users' Challenge Today's Windows® based notebooks and computer displays are capable of much higher resolution.

DeskTool 3.2 build 195 DeskTool 3.2 build 195
MetaProducts Corporation

DeskTool is an easy-to-use desktop toolbar designed to give you easy access to frequently-used programs by displaying an organized row of buttons from which to choose.

Vista Toolbar Icons 2013.2 Vista Toolbar Icons 2013.2

Vista Toolbar Icons is a nice and eye-catching icon set - it can play a crucial role in creating any software product's image.

Talk 2Desktop 1.0 Talk 2Desktop 1.0
4Developers LLC

Talk 2Desktop will help you to control your computer using your own voice.

Hide Master 1.82 Hide Master 1.82
GigaMind Systems Ltd

Windows Hide Master is powerful but easy to use tool for hiding windows and programs.

WallMaster Pro 4.0a WallMaster Pro 4.0a
Tropical Wares

WallMaster Pro is an easy-to-use and powerful wallpaper management utility for Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP.

Mouse Wheel Control 2.1 Mouse Wheel Control 2.1
Ardamax Software

Mouse Wheel Control is an unique mouse tool making your every day work a more effective.

Virtual Desk 1.2 Virtual Desk 1.2

Virtual Desk is an award-winning virtual desktop manager that gives you the possibility to have multiple virtual desktops (just like many screens) and you can have different windows and applications running in each desktop.

Jitbit Virtual Keyboard 2.22 Jitbit Virtual Keyboard 2.22
JitBit Software

Jitbit VirtualKeyboard is an on-screen virtual keyboard.

SD WinHider 2.0 SD WinHider 2.0

SD WinHider is s small and powerful tool to quickly hide/restore your windows, as well as hide and restore system tray icons.

Actual Window Guard 8.14.4 Actual Window Guard 8.14.4
Actual Tools

Actual Window Guard helps you automatically minimize certain application upon startup or open them full screen.

VISTA General Icons 1.0 VISTA General Icons 1.0

VISTA General Icons is a brand new collection, totally made from the look of the Windows Vista.

Desktop Notepad 2.0.1124 Desktop Notepad 2.0.1124
Digital Estate Systems

Desktop Notepad is a tool which displays the text on your desktop wallpaper.

enable Virtual Desktop 3.0.1 enable Virtual Desktop 3.0.1
Enable Software Pty Ltd

enable Virtual Desktop is the next generation virtual desktop from Enable Software.

Text Ticker 2.4 Text Ticker 2.4
Slashback Software

Text Ticker is a small application that scrolls the contents of a text file at the top or bottom of the screen.

Just Relaxing 3.5 Just Relaxing 3.5
Lincoln Beach Software

Do you sit at your computer and stare out the window and wish you were relaxing on the other side? Well now you can bring nature indoors, directly to your computer! Just Relaxing is great therapy and adds that extra white noise that helps cheer up your day in the office and drown out the other noises that can be bothersome.

Start Menu Tweak 2.8 Start Menu Tweak 2.8
Miolapoza Software

Start Menu Tweak will help you arrange Start Menu and Favorites and make your work comfortable! It will sort your software into groups.

Zigzag Cleaner Plus 1.401 Zigzag Cleaner Plus 1.401

Zigzag Cleaner Plus is an easy-to-use utility that lets you clear the desktop with one mouse move.

Screen Mate Builder 1.0 Screen Mate Builder 1.0

Screen Mate Builder allows you to create an compile small screen mates - little animated graphics that move around on top of your default desktop wallpaper or background.

FreeNote 1.262 FreeNote 1.262

FreeNote is a free software application that let you place virtual sticky notes around your desktop.

Desktop Background Magician 1.18 Desktop Background Magician 1.18
Udesk Software Inc

Desktop Background Magician is the most complete, easy-to-use software for producing wallpaper slide shows or playing videos as desktop background.

Chameleon Desktop 1.0 Chameleon Desktop 1.0

Chameleon Desktop is an easy to use graphical utility that will allow you to apply different artistic effects to your desktop wallpaper.

Salvador Dali Art 1.0 Salvador Dali Art 1.0
Argentum Corporation

Dali, Salvador (May 11, 1904, Figueres, Spain - January 23, 1989, Figueres, Spain), one of the greatest Spanish painters of all time, and one of the most important figures in the history of the modern art movement.