FileSync 1.1

FileSync 1.1 Screenshot Backup your important files and information in a few easy steps.

Developer:   Void Realms LLC
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OS:   Windows XP/Vista (?)
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Backup your important files and information in a few easy steps. FileSync can make copies of your important files in a variety of ways. Makes transferring large amounts of files and folders a breeze!

Copy files from any location on your computer or local network to any location on your computer or local network.

Some typical uses are:

  • Copy up information onto another hard drive
  • Replicate data on another computer
  • Backing up information onto an external hard drive
  • Backup data onto a shared network folder or drive
  • Synchronize your desktop and laptop computers
  • Backup data onto external drives or network area storage

    FileSync features
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated help file
  • Complete control over what files are copied
  • Transfer a file or an entire drive
  • Source location can be your computer, external storage, or a network location
  • Destination location can be your computer, external storage, or a network location
  • Designed to handle small and large amounts of data
  • Projects can be saved and opened at a later time - making repetitive backups easy

  • .Net Framework 2.0

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