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DiskVision DiskVision
Ascendis Software

By drawing files and folders as nested rectangles, DiskVision shows, visually, how much space each file and folder consumes.

DiskInternals Partition Recovery 3.8 DiskInternals Partition Recovery 3.8
DiskInternals Research

DiskInternals Partition Recovery is an advanced software tool, which is intended for all users, who need to recover some data or lost partitions.

DiskShare DiskShare
Shaffer Solutions

DiskShare allows UNIX users network-based access to Windows NT files.

Disk Smart Info Monitor 1.0 Disk Smart Info Monitor 1.0
Gecces Software Development

Computer disk drives have incorporated a technology known as S.

Drive2Drive 2.0 Drive2Drive 2.0
Future Systems Solutions, Inc.

Drive2Drive will help you copy an entire hard disk or copy an individual drive or partition to another hard disk.

Disk Repair 10.0 Disk Repair 10.0
Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Disk Repair is a logical bad sector removal and repair software that removes the logical bad sectors and repairs " Track 0 Bad Disks ".

SpaceObServer 6.1 SpaceObServer 6.1
JAM Software

SpaceObServer - a hard disk space manager for Windows 2/XP/2003.

DiskExplorer 3.03 DiskExplorer 3.03
Runtime Software

DiskExplorer is a sophisticated disk editor that will enable you to investigate your NTFS drive and conduct your own data recovery Here are some key features of "DiskExplorer for NTFS": · navigate through your NTFS drive by jumping to the partition table, boot record, Master file table or the root directory · choose between views such as hex, text, index allocation, MFT, boot record, partition table · inspect the file entry details, NT attributes etc.

More Space Sanitizer 5.0 More Space Sanitizer 5.0
Contact Plus Corporation

More Space Sanitizer will help you SAFELY free up valuable disk space by targeting those files that are large, obsolete or duplicated.

HDD Network Temperature 1.0.82 RC1 HDD Network Temperature 1.0.82 RC1

HDD Network Temperature is a disk utility that checks and monitors the temperature of your hard drives to help prevent data loss.

WinASO Disk Cleaner 1.5 WinASO Disk Cleaner 1.5
X.M.Y. International LLC

WinASO Disk Cleaner is a usefull utility that will find and delete junk files and clear up some space on your hard drive,freeing up valuable space and streamlining your system.

AllBeGone Cleanser 1.01 AllBeGone Cleanser 1.01
Marcin Kleczynski

AllBeGone Cleanser is a cleaning center.

DiskTriage 8.1.5 DiskTriage 8.1.5

The most powerful disk space scanning, analysis and reporting utility there is! Disk Triage will provide you with the information you need to better understand and manage the contents of your disk space With the advent of LAN based RAID Arrays in the Terabytes and home PCs shipping with hard drives that are measured in the hundreds of Gigabytes - it has never been more important to know not only how much space is being used, but where it is being used, who is using it and what it is made up of.

TreeSize Personal 7.0.4 TreeSize Personal 7.0.4
Joachim Marder

TreeSize Personal is a powerful and flexible harddisk space manager.

OptiShutdown 1.5 OptiShutdown 1.5
Digital One Internet Services Inc.

Designed to clean up and help manage your computer files before they become problematic, OptiShutdown™ is a smart investment that's right for anyone who owns a PC and has concerns about maintaining performance and processing speeds.

Disk benchmark 2006 1.0.2 Disk benchmark 2006 1.0.2

Disk Benchmark is a powerful program that consents the testing of the performance of your computer hard disks.

WinQuota 3.0.0 WinQuota 3.0.0
WinQuota LLC

WinQuota is 100% automatic and provides a great relief to Administrator.

Freespace XP 1.0.10 Freespace XP 1.0.10

Freespace XP will watch the level of free space on your hard drives, and can be set to perform a number of operations if the free space falls below a certain level - including warning you at the computer, sending an email, playing a sound and more.

Disk Demon 1.0 (RC1) Disk Demon 1.0 (RC1)

Disk Demon is a useful and advanced defragmentation solution which optimizes the data layout of your volumes and records.

Disk Medic 3.0 Disk Medic 3.0

Your hard drive is full of redundant, obsolete, and temporary files.

HDD Temperature Enterprise 1.0.90 HDD Temperature Enterprise 1.0.90

HDD Temperature Enterprise is hard-drive temperature monitoring software for corporate networks and small businesses.

EASEUS Partition Manager 1.6.4 EASEUS Partition Manager 1.6.4
YIWO Tech Ltd

EASEUS Partition Manager is a comprehensive partition software, which not only provides with convenient user-interface simplifying your tasks but also enables you to configure and manage partitions of hard drive.

CompuApps DriveWizard Professional 3.15 CompuApps DriveWizard Professional 3.15
CompuApps, Inc

CompuApps DriveWizard Professional allows you to Upgrade, Mirror (Clone), Restore and automatically Backup your hard drive to another hard drive, and create backup disk (compressed or un-compressed) images in CD-R/RW, DVD+-R/RW, and removable disks.

1-ACT Hard Disk Monitor 2006 1.0 1-ACT Hard Disk Monitor 2006 1.0
Only PCTools

1-ACT Hard Disk Monitor 2006 is a useful and reliable diagnostic and failure prediction software for hard drives.

Defrag Timer 1.1 Defrag Timer 1.1

Normal, everyday usage of your computer causes files on the hard drive to become fragmented, which usually results in reduced performance.