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orangeProcesstrace 2006 2.15.5 orangeProcesstrace 2006 2.15.5

orangeProcesstrace 2005 is an advanced visual process analysis tool which offers many more features than the built in windows task-manager.

KeyboardTest 2.2 build 1011 KeyboardTest 2.2 build 1011
Passmark Software

KeyboardTest is an easy to use Windows based application that allows users to quickly check that all the keys on their computer keyboard are functioning correctly and look at the internal scan codes being generated by the keyboard.

StatWin 7.5.1 StatWin 7.5.1
SXR Software

StatWin is intended for collecting and analysis of computer activity statistics.

PC Analyser OEM Windows 1.5.1 PC Analyser OEM Windows 1.5.1
Devid Espenschied Softwareentwicklung

PC Analyser OEM Windows is a Windows based inventory software, which detects all hardware components in a computer system.

Serial Device Test Utility Serial Device Test Utility
H.A.c.K. Consulting

The Serial device test utility is designed to assist with the debugging of serial communications.

HARDiNFO 2005 Professional 5.01 HARDiNFO 2005 Professional 5.01
Ultimate Systems, srl

HARDiNFO 2005 is a all-in-one system information, diagnostic and benchmark tool designed to be used by small business to large business and professionals.

Argus 1.01 Argus 1.01

Argus is a new software for monitoring system activity of your PC.

power Informer XP 2 3.0 power Informer XP 2 3.0

power Informer XP is powerful software for monitoring system activity with rich Graphic User Interface It is very easy to use and it is very useful tool for professional, because that can quickly acces to all system information, but also it is very useful for beginers who don't know much about hardware, software, system, environmet etc.

MBS Disk Space Analyzer Professional 1.7 MBS Disk Space Analyzer Professional 1.7
Crave Worldwide

MBS Disk Space Analyzer is a powerful and easy to use harddisk space analyzer for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Tracker 1.0.2 Tracker 1.0.2
Evans Programming

Analyze changes made to local or remote PCs during software and hardware installation and configuration.

Executable Explorer Basic Edition 6.00 Executable Explorer Basic Edition 6.00
Charasys Limited

Executable Explorer shows the links between an executable and the modules (DLLs, OCXs) it requires to run on the system, imported and exported functions (APIs), reference material such as headers; process and module memory information; COM type library and class information in the Registry.

Battery Profiler 1.14 Battery Profiler 1.14
Gecces Software Development

The battery profiler displays the amount of charge in your laptop battery as it charges or discharges.

Active Watch 2.5 Active Watch 2.5

Active Watch - it seems each of the thousands ActiveX controls that make up the Windows System has at least one vulnerability hiding somewhere waiting to be exploited.

Admin PC 1.9 Admin PC 1.9
Amov Research Ltd

Admin PC is a registry tool allowing you to configure your PC in a way you desire.

SystemInfo 1.2 SystemInfo 1.2
Davina Nguyen

SystemInfo is a software, lets you know immediately the status of memory on your target pc.

Dir QuickView 1.61 Dir QuickView 1.61
Eshinesoft, Inc

View your directories easily and quickly with Dir QuickView! An accurate and easy to utility to perform disk usage analysis,directory comparison and synchronization and more,with colored html output! Features: · Find out the "Space Eater" which consumes the most disk space by using Dir QuickView! · Seamless integration with Context-Menu to perform Disk Cleanup! · Full detailed Disk Usage Analysis in two format:Report List and Directory Tree.

Emsa FlexTool XP 1.0.124 Emsa FlexTool XP 1.0.124

Emsa FlexTool XP - System Information, Diagnostic and Tools - Multipurpose utility for Windows 98/ME/NT/XP/2000/2003 Emsa FlexTool XPis a powerful, feature-rich system utility.

Mail Access Monitor for MDaemon 3.9c Mail Access Monitor for MDaemon 3.9c
Red Line Software

IMail Access Monitor for MDaemon - it is hard to imagine a company today, employees of which would not be enjoying the benefits e-mail communication.

PCSummarizer 2005 PCSummarizer 2005

PCSummarizer places critical system information right on your screen where you can clearly see it all the time.

IView Lite Inventory Manager 3.0 IView Lite Inventory Manager 3.0
CBR Software

Audit software gives you up to date accurate and comprehensive inventory details.

RAM Booster Expert 1.30 RAM Booster Expert 1.30
Bodrag S.R.L.

RAM Booster Expert is a RAM memory optimizer.

Event Log Watchdog 3.0 Event Log Watchdog 3.0
Keroon Software Corporation

Event Log Watchdog will monitor your Windows Event Logs and will notify you via Email or Syslog when a new event is logged.

Event Log Viewer Pro 2.0 Event Log Viewer Pro 2.0

Event Log Viewer Pro allows you to manage your computer expertly.

Snapper 3.0.21 Snapper 3.0.21
BSA Computing Ltd

Snapper reads the directory of a disk which is then saved as a "snapshot", so that later you can compare it with a new snapshot of the disk and see what has changed.

NikNak 2004 1.0.0 NikNak 2004 1.0.0

NiklNak is a graphical interface that: - Shows the day, date or the time (analog or digital).