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Back Rest 3.0 Screenshot Back Rest will restore and backup your favorite files and folders.

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Back Rest will restore and backup your favorite files and folders. Also create highly customized, self-extracting archives.Back Rest reduces backache. Your file back-up ache, that is. This program will do your filing while you rock.

Back Rest has a dual personality. One purpose of the program is to back up and restore your favorite files/folders. This can be accomplished manually or performed via largely unattended, scheduled automatic back-ups.

You have complete control over how and where these back-up archives are created. All archives are stored in ZIP compressed format.

The second, and equally flexible, feature of Back Rest is its ability to create highly customized, self-extracting archive files (ZIP format). You have complete control over many features, such as target extract folder, dialog boxes, messages, and other information presented to the end user.

Even more advanced, you can configure the self-extractor to launch programs or perform other tasks on the end user’s computer after the file extraction process is complete.

This is especially useful for application developers, who can use Back Rest to create installations for their own programs.Runs manually from a project list or unttended as a Windows task.Uses built-in ZIP or external ACE compression, so your files can be extracted outside of the program.

For self-extracting archives, you have many options for setting button captions and command text that is presented to the end user. The optional ACE compression requires an external program, WinAce.

It acts as a shell to WinAce, sending the commands to the application based on your project settings.

Back Rest features
Back Rest uses ZIP or ACE file compression for all back-up operations.

Your folders, called "projects," can be backed up manually or via unattented, automatic scheduled tasks.

Projects are defined in datafiles and may be easily altered, added, or deleted. You have complete control over how, when, and where the back-up files are stored.

The Back Rest scheduler is launched via the Windows Task Manager. You have many options for setting the scheduling of the back-up task.

As an alternative method of back-up (non-scheduled), you can create self-extracting archives that fit your particular needs. You can define the text that is displayed to the end user in message boxes, dialog boxes, etc., and can even define the icon that shows on the introductory message. Casual users will find it easy to create the self-extracting archives. Developers will find this feature useful in creating installation packages for their applications.

Default values for the Back Rest project definition can be saved and then inserted easily when creating new project records.

A number of user options can be set that affect the way Back Rest operates.

Version 3.0 introduces ACE compression. ACE has the advantage of creating smaller archives with some trade-off in speed. In order to make use of ACE, you must have installed WinAce version 2.11 or later. Back Rest sends commands to WinAce in order to create archives as specified in your project settings. Please note that ACE compression is an option, not a requirement for using Back Rest. You can use Back Rest's built-in ZIP compression if you prefer.

The ZIP rate of compression has also been improved in recent versions of Back Rest. An updated method of ZIP compression files allows for back-ups that are usually about 20% smaller than before. The standard method of compression used in previous versions of Back Rest is still supported.

As a bonus add-on, Back Rest ships with a standalone ZIP manager, Smooth Zipper. This allows you to create ZIP archives when you do not want a particular file set stored as a project within Back Rest. Smooth Zipper is feature-rich but does not in this release support all the compression features of the main Back Rest program.

For any project, Back Rest now allows you to include files from any drive or folder on your system or on your network. You can also back up to any drive.

A few bug fixes are, of course, also included.

30-day trial

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Back Rest 3.0 Back Rest 3.0
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Back Rest will restore and backup your favorite files and folders.

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