Delenda 2.417

Delenda 2.417 Screenshot Delenda identifies files older than x days based on file creation, modification, last accessed date and deletes or moves them to archive folders.

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Delenda identifies files older than x days based on file creation, modification, last accessed date
and deletes or moves them to archive folders.
3 methods for deletion:
- delete old files immediatly
- delete files and send files to Recycle Bin
- transfer aged data toward an archive folder.

Can be used to dispatch files, monitors number of files in each structure.

It lets you define daily purge time and exclude some days of the week.
With Delenda you can suppress files in one directory when they reach 7 days, transfer those that have more than 12 hours to another directory and move those documents not accessed during last 3 months to an archive folder on the same disk or toward a network drive. Once set up, let it do the work for you automatically.

It can remove the contents of sub-folders and read-only files.
There is an option to delete all files of a folder only if all the files are obsolete (i.e. no files are deleted if there exists a file of the folder which is not obsolete).

A log file can be activated to report the list log of deleted or transfered file names.

You can optionally use it as a Windows NT or 2000 or Windows XP service or in command line mode for cleaning via batch processing.
Of course Delenda can also process Macintosh files stored on Windows NT/2000/XP file server.

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