ByteBack 4.2.100

ByteBack 4.2.100 Screenshot The standard in low-level tools for forensics and recovery has always been ByteBack.

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The standard in low-level tools for forensics and recovery has always been ByteBack. Now you have version 4, even better.

The addition of UDMA, ATA & SATA support, with memory management and greater ease and control of Partition and MBR manipulations, ByteBack continues to uphold it's viability as the computer forensics and recovery application of professionals.

ByteBack features
  • Disk Cloning (mirroring)
  • Forensic Mode (write block)
  • Disk Compare (verification)
  • Extensive Logging (reports)
  • UDMA, ATA & SATA Drive Support (up to two terabytes)
  • Low Level Format (disk wipe)
  • Disk Editor (raw hex, ASCII, partition table and boot sector)
  • MBR Repair (boot code & partition tables)
  • Partition Table Repair (including access to logical partitions)
  • Advanced Boot Sector Repair (FAT, FAT 32 and NTFS)
  • MBR, Partition and LDM backup
  • Basic Partition Table Management (set active, partition hiding/unhiding)
  • Undo for all automatic repairs

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    ByteBack 4.2.100 screenshot

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    ByteBack 4.2.100 ByteBack 4.2.100
    Tech Assist, Inc.

    The standard in low-level tools for forensics and recovery has always been ByteBack.

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