Partition Boot Manager 1.07

Partition Boot Manager 1.07 Screenshot Boots up to 256 completely independent operating systems or partitions.

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Boots up to 256 completely independent operating systems or partitions. Most boot managers require installing many operating systems in a single partition. Not only is this very difficult to implement properly, but it also creates an incompatible installation. Because PBM actually supports up to 256 individual partitions you can install each operating system in its own partition using its native filesystem.

- User level security controls exactly who can boot which partitions. Up to 32 users can be defined including a guest user if desired. Every partition can specify which user or users can access it.
- Compatible with any operating system that uses the standard partition table. PBM makes every attempt to not touch the insides of partitions. The advantage of this is compatibility with virtually any operating system available.
- Two-way partition maintenance allows for partition maintenance outside of PBM. Normally when a boot manager extends the partition table beyond 4 entries, they no longer work with traditional partition utilities or disk imaging utilities. What sets PBM apart from these is that it fully supports two-way partition maintenance. You can make changes to the traditional partition table outside of PBM, or changes within PBM. If you make a change outside PBM, when it next starts it will detect the change and update its table. Partition protection keeps your partitions safe.
- Analyzes and updates common boot sectors.
- All critical partition and security information is encrypted and stored on disk twice. Not only is all of your security and partition information kept from prying eyes due to 128 bit twofish encryption, but the important data is stored twice and is automatically recovered from either copy if either one is damaged. PBM is designed with stability and fault-tolerance in mind, anything it can do without troubling the user will happen automatically.
- Flexible startup configuration allows for a full menu at startup all the way down to a stealth mode that prevents the user from knowing that PBM is even installed. Login can be forced everytime, or only when the last user has logged out.
- Intelligent setup utility will move partitions if necessary to install. It also contains logic to automatically repair PBM if it becomes damaged, upgrade, downgrade, recover from a replaced MBR, handle registration, and uninstall PBM while keeping up to 4 partitions.

Designed to be the best without the faults and limitations of other boot managers. Changes to partitions can be made within PBM or externally due to its two way partition maintenance. Disk utilities such as Partition Magic, Drive Image, and Ghost and 100% compatible. PBM is 100% compatible with all operating systems and file systems that conforms to the traditional partition table.

  • PBM is available for a free 30 day trial

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