AudioWriter 1.5.345

AudioWriter 1.5.345 Screenshot AudioWriter lets you create your own customized Audio CD's.

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AudioWriter lets you create your own customized Audio CD's. You can easily drag & drop your music-tracks from all your Audio's CD's, or convert WAV/MP3 files to the right format to write on your CD.

With AudioWriter you can automatically get disc and track titles accessing CDDB worldwide database through the Internet. The program is 100% compatible with CDDB (query). With this feature you will no longer need to enter disc and tracks titles manually.

AudioWriter lets you edit or change the info in the CD-Database. By inserting an audio disc in AudioWriter in a few seconds the disc and track titles will appear in the display. After that the disc and track titles will remain stored in cdplayer.ini for later use.

  • This is a 30 evaluation copy.

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    AudioWriter 1.5.345 screenshot

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