TrojanShield 2.20

TrojanShield 2.20 Screenshot Use Trojan Shield to protect yourself from hackers and Trojan viruses.

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Use Trojan Shield to protect yourself from hackers and Trojan viruses.

If a hacker tries to break into your computer, Trojan Shield automatically warns you so you can take action against them.

You don't need to be a computer expert to use Trojan Shield, Just install it and let it go to work.

TrojanShield features
  • TrojanShield Console: TrojanShield Console is the central component of TrojanShield. It is able to detect attempts made by hackers to break into your computer. When a hacker tries to break into your computer, TrojanShield Console will protect you and notify you of the attempt.
  • TrojanShield Anti-Trojan: Trojan servers are used by hackers to enable them to break into your computer. TrojanShield Anti-Trojan detects and disinfects trojan servers from your computer. It will scan for trojan servers automatically, but can also be used to scan specific areas of a drive, computer or network.
  • TrojanShield Process Manager: TrojanShield Process Manager displays a list of all running programs on your computer. Unlike the Windows ctrl,alt and delete task list, Process Manager shows all running programs, including trojan servers, which are not normally visible. Process Manager also allows you to delete, terminate and view information regarding any running program.
  • TrojanShield Startup Manager: When a trojan server infects your computer, it puts itself in startup. This means that it is loaded every time your computer's operating system starts. There are many different areas where an application can register itself so that it is loaded at startup, many of which are not known to most people and are very difficult to use. TrojanShield Startup Manager displays all programs which will run at startup, including programs which would not normally be visible. It also allows you to remove any program from startup at the click of a button.
  • TrojanShield Tracer: When TrojanShield Console detects a hacker trying to break into your computer, you can use the trace option, from Console, to obtain information about the hacker, via Tracer. Tracer is usually able to provide an e-mail address to which complaint about the hacker can be sent.
  • TrojanShield Resolver: TrojanShield Resolver allows you to quickly find out host names of Internet addresses and Internet addresses of host names. Tracer can often be used to find out the name of the Internet service provider which a hacker uses.
  • TrojanShield Pinger: TrojanShield Pinger lets you see if a remote computer is reachable. It can also be used to trace the Internet route to another computer.

  • The trial edition of Trojan Shield is fully functional for 15 days, during which time you can disinfect any trojans which you may be infected with and use all of the functionality of Trojan Shield.

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    Authors software

    TrojanShield 2.20 TrojanShield 2.20
    TrojanShield Development

    Use Trojan Shield to protect yourself from hackers and Trojan viruses.

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    TrojanShield Development

    Use Trojan Shield to protect yourself from hackers and Trojan viruses.

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