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Superior Search Build Screenshot Superior Search will help you look for a file or folder on your PC or network.

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Superior Search will help you look for a file or folder on your PC or network.

Superior Search is a tool that makes it much easier for Windows users to handle archived files. It is fast, efficient and reliable.

Superior Search offers a variety of format- and language-independent document search functions that help you find the desired information as quickly as possible. This tool allows high-speed text searches in large numbers of files.

Superior Search contains advanced document filters that provide for format-independent access to all information in archived files--now it's easy to search for text in different document types at the same time! The filters make it possible to read all popular document formats such as Microsoft Office, PDF, PostScript etc. In addition, you can define and search custom file types, for example to find text in source code files such as Pascal or C++.

Superior Search's functionality includes finding text in all compressed file formats (such as ZIP, PDF, XLS, HTML) and the possibility to display the search results in a preview window immediately. You do not need to decompress document archives manually.

Superior Search even searches within password-protected files in archives (authorized users only). A fuzzy search in archive files is also possible, this feature comes quite handy when you are not sure about the correct spelling of a word. Superior Search offers Windows Explorer context menu support.

Superior Search is a multi-lingual tool, with only one click you can switch between the following user interface-languages: English, German, French, Italian and Dutch.

Here are some key features of "Superior Search":

  • Results are displayed in the main window as soon as they are found, even while the search is still running.
  • You can read compressed files straight away, without having to extract them from the .zip or .rar archive first.
  • The results are listed in a clear and easily readable manner, with the search terms highlighted in color to make it easier to find what you are looking for.
  • You can search password-protected files, provided that you have the appropriate access permissions.
  • Version 2005 gives you the tools to involve an index base into searching, thus accelerating searches to a considerable extent.

  • 30 day trial

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    Superior Search will help you look for a file or folder on your PC or network.

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