Sib Icon Replacer 2.32

Sib Icon Replacer 2.32 Screenshot Sib Icon Replacer can change icons inside existing exe and dll files, add, remove or extract icons from executables.

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Sib Icon Replacer can change icons inside existing exe and dll files, add, remove or extract icons from executables.

Have you ever been upset with the way you program icons look? Are you a developer finishing a new application and looking for a quick way to add a finishing touch to your work and meet the deadline? Are you and your programs ready for the upcoming Windows Vista? Or do you just want you installation files' appearance be eye-appealing and individual instead of having a sapless standard appearance?

You can stop your search right now, for you have just found the tool which has a knack for all that and yet a tad more!

Sib Icon Replacer is a compact, but efficient tool which will take excellent care of all your icon management needs. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation will help you access any program function in a couple of mouse clicks.

This application is able to extract icons from dynamic libraries (DLL) and Windows executables (EXE) without making any changes to the code, which means that you can work with the most important applications and essential libraries without the risk of damaging their contents. Macromedia Flash files have not been left unnoticed - they are also supported.

One of the most important features implemented in Sib Icon Replacer is the Windows Vista icon format support. This operational system will introduce a new generation of icons, which will be much larger in size and much better in quality than any icons today.

Sib Icon Replacer supports the Vista format and can help make you your icons 100% compatible with this next generation OS and its new Aero Glass user interface. Having very modest system requirements, this handy tool will launch on virtually any system.

Another function of Sib Icon Replacer will help you rename icons inside DLL and EXE files, which saves your time, as you do not need to recompile your application. You can add as many icon images to the executable and DLL files of your choice as you want - all that in a few easy steps. Give your projects a more personal & professional touch!
This simple icon tool will help you!

With Sib Icon Replacer you can:

  • Change icons inside Windows executables;
  • Modify icons of Macromedia Flash animation files;
  • Replace icons inside DLL files;
  • Add or remove icons from EXE and DLL files;
  • Rename icons inside EXE and DLL files;
  • Make your application icons compatible with Windows Vista;
  • Extract icons from EXE and DLL files.

  • 32 MB RAM, Pentium-133 MHz, 2 MB Hard Disk

  • DEMO watermark

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