Easy Undelete 3.1

Easy Undelete 3.1 Screenshot Easy Undelete is a powerful and easy to use data recovery and undelete solution for Windows.

Developer:   Alex Fishman
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Easy Undelete is a powerful and easy to use data recovery and undelete solution for Windows.

Easy-Undelete is able to recover lost files and folders on NTFS and FAT volumes or on any physical storage device, and can preview images and binary files before recovery.

  • Advanced File Recovery
    Easy-Undelete uses multiple scanning algorithms, to make sure you have the best chances of finding the files or folders you lost.
    Each scan method is suitable for a different purpose, but all three offer the best possible reliability and performance - to recover all the files you need, and do it fast!.
  • Image Preview
    Easy-Undelete can preview JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, ICO, TGA, PCX, WBMP and PNM image files, without having to recover them first.
    This is a great feature for digital photographers - Easy-Undelete can scan for images on a damaged or an accidentally formatted memory card, and recover your pictures you thought you lost for good.
  • Data Preview
    Just as easy as the Image Preview, Easy-Undelete can preview any other kind of file, in a hexadecimal view.
    Use to it determine if the files Easy-Undelete located are really the files you want, or if their contents was entirely recovered.
  • File Condition
    During scanning, Easy-Undelete calculates the chances of successfully recovering every file or folder it finds.
    The file condition relates to the amount of data from the original file that Easy-Undelete was able to scavenge on the drive, and the likelihood that this data is actually from that original file.
  • Cluster Recovery
    Advanced users can use Easy-Undelete to recover specific clusters - when certain clusters have been lost, Easy-Undelete can preview the contents of the remaining clusters and let you choose just the ones you need.
  • Simple Interface
    Easy-Undelete is a powerful program, but it's interface is as simple and intuitive as it can get. When you start using Easy-Undelete, you don't have to go through a long and painful learning curve, and you certainly don't need to know anything about file recovery algorithms.
    Easy-Undelete's main screen is based on a familiar Explorer-like interface, and using it is just like browsing the files on you hard drive. All the options and scanning methods are clearly described on-screen when you have a choice to make, so you don't even need to look in the manual.

  • You may use the full featured DEMO SOFTWARE without charge on an evaluation basis to recover any files having size less than 32Kb

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    Easy Undelete 3.1 Easy Undelete 3.1
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    Easy Undelete is a powerful and easy to use data recovery and undelete solution for Windows.

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